Improve Performance / FPS in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is currently in the early access phase and therefore contains various problems and crashes. This also affects the performance, which can cost you life in crucial game moments. So, in this guide we give you some useful tips on how to improve the performance and increase the FPS with the right graphics settings.

Increase FPS and Improve Performance

The game is still under development, so there are some tweaks that improve not only graphics and sound but also optimize performance and handling. For example, you can increase the FPS by lowering the graphics settings for shadows and textures. The other options have a far less impact on the FPS.

Even with the resolution you can save hardware performance. If you set a value of less than 100 with ScreenScale, a lower resolution is set and scaled up to your monitor resolution. A value around the 90 is a good compromise if you want to increase the performance. Below we will give you some help with certain settings and how you can optimize them.

- Anti Aliasing: The performance degradation between the low and the ultra is not too much, but you should avoid the option, especially on weaker graphics cards such as the GTX 660 or HD 7850, and turn off edge smoothing completely since it would cost too much power.

- Post Processing: If it allows your hardware, you should set this setting to Ultra. Although this will cost you a little bit of performance, the image will not look so smooth, and you'll be able to tackle enemies at distances much better in the grass as they appear darker.

- Shadow: High shadow settings reduce the image rates noticeably. It is best to use very low or medium so that your opponent can see clearly. At high settings, the game appears a bit darker, making the detection of enemies even more difficult.

- Textures: Textures also cost a lot of performance and between high and ultra, the optical differences are hardly discernible. However, you gain about 10 FPS more than on Ultra, so we recommend you this setting. On weaker hardware, you shouldn’t do any adjustment with the setup means.

Advanced Tuning Options

You should always set the quality of effects to low. This has a positive effect on explosion and fire-fire effects. At high settings, Framerate drops can occur here, for example, if someone throws a grenade or smoke grenade onto you. Note the following settings.

- Foliage: Here you should select the Very Low setting, since grass and bushes are less represented in the environment and enemies are easier to spot. However, this advantage has been somewhat mitigated with the recently implemented update and only distant trees are still blown out. In order to improve the performance, you should still set the setting low.

- Visibility (View Distance): This is also a low setting. Since this is quite enough to see even distant opponents just as well as on higher settings.

- Motion Blur: We recommend that you disable this option.

Optimize Startup Options in Steam

You can set start parameters in Steam and increase the performance of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds considerably. Depending on the hardware, the results can vary and you should try different settings here, until you have found the best for you. You set the start parameters by selecting the game with a right-click in the library, and then clicking Properties - Set startup options. Here you can enter various commands into the line.

- sm4: Ensures that Model Shader Model 4 is used instead of Shader Model 5. This gives you a lot of FPS, but the game looks quite old.
- malloc=System: The game is forced to use the Windows Allocator.
- USEALLAVAILABLECORES: All available data cores are used for the game.
- maxMem=Number X: A numerical value can be entered here to determine the working memory frame exactly.
- refresh 100: Replaces the value 100 with the maximum refresh rate of your monitor.