Mass Effect Andromeda Easter Eggs, References and Secrets

In Mass Effect Andromeda, you will find some funny Easter Eggs and references, which remind of predecessors like the almost legendary Spacehamster - yes, he too is back! Of course, these references are always well hidden. That's why you can easily miss some of them while playing Mass Effect Andromeda. But do not worry, we will show you which Easter Eggs we have already discovered and where the funny allusions can be found.

1. Rick and Morty: It is an American animation series that is more for adults. The series tell the story of the alcohol-dependent, very eccentric scientist Rick and his somewhat simple-minded Morty Smith. The two experience many adventures in other dimensions. You'll find the Easter Egg to Rick and Morty on the Nexus. Here the areas with various markings are marked on the walls and one of them is written "C-137". This is a dimension in Rick and Morty, which is already mentioned in the first episode and is the origin for the series.

2. Plants vs. Zombies: EA is the publisher of the game, no wonder you can find a reference to it in Mass Effect Andromeda. Look at the bed rooms on the Tempest once more, if you would like to see this Easter Egg, because here you can actually find plush toys, which are to the figures from Plants vs. Zombies. Among them is a pea-canon. In addition, you will find a model of the Z7-Mechs on the desk, which also comes from Garden Warfare 2.

3. Dragon Age: You’ll find another reference to one of the EA's own works. You will be given the opportunity to read two e-mails from characters you should know from the Dragon Age universe. The first is a message from the renegade magician Anders (Dragon Age 2) and at the second, a mail from Varric Tethras (companion in Dragon Age 2 and Inquisition).

4. Guest appearances from previous Mass Effect characters: The predecessors of the Mass Effect series are also honored by getting an Easter Egg in Mass Effect Andromeda. You must listen carefully to the conversations. For example, a Soldat talks about Elaadan about Dr. Okeer and his researches in the area of the Grunt-Super soldier (Mass Effect 2). At an outpost on Kadara, you meet a character reminiscent of Mass Effect 3 salary. He stared at you at the time, but you cannot touch his terminal. Similarly, his twin on Kadara in Mass Effect Andromeda.

5. Zaeed Massani’s Son: Always that crippled relationship ... well, in this case you can look forward to their visit. First, you will meet the son of Zaeed Massani. In Mass Effect 2, he was your DLC companion. However, to find his son, Bain Massani, as Easter Egg, you must bring the Eos vitality to 100% and make the planet habitable again. Look for the wilderness where Bain is in a building. That Bain is the son of Zaeed can hardly be denied, he is at least as cool as his father.

6. Conrad Verner's Sister: Conrad Verner was one of your greatest admirers in the past mass-effect installments. He continually tries to emulate Commander Shepard. However, he is a very nice dub and does not just make trouble again. But it was important that you treated him with respect as well, because he is always a welcome guest in the successors. Now you meet in Mass Effect Andromeda as Easter Egg Cassandra Verner, his sister. You find the young lady in the Kadara club.

7. Dr. Liara T'Soni: She is a well-known character in Mass Effect game series. The powerful biotic is the companion of Commander Shepard. You will also find references to Liara in Mass Effect Andromeda. But since these are easy to pass, show you that you can discover the secret right at the beginning of the game. In the accommodation of your father you find some data pads with language recordings of Liara. The familiar voice talks to your father about various researches.

8. Mordin Solus' Song : Mordin Solus is a Salarian, who should also be known to you from past Mass Effect installments. He works as a brilliant genetic expert and works as a doctor. But Mordin Solus is also a passionate singer. When you have finished your loyalty mission, speak to the subject of art, then sing the Salarian. At the Easter Egg in Mass Effect Andromeda you also hear him sing. For this you have to do the secondary mission on Kadara, during which you have to take samples of medicinal plants. With the sequel you have to eat this plant sample yourself and you will experience strange fantasies. SAM sings and stares at Mordin Solus, who has turned his back on you - a crazy drug experience.

9. SSV Normandy SR-1 Replica: The SSV Normandy SR-1 is a camouflage fighter of the alliance in Mass Effect. It was co-developed by the Turians and was used especially for reconnaissance missions. Go to your accommodation on the Tempest and look at the shelf behind your desk. At the beginning this still looks relatively empty, since you have space here, to be able to apply some models etc. You must first find or buy. Here you can also place the nostalgic replication of the SSV Normandy SR-1, which you will automatically find during the game. You will get a place of honor here.

10. Elon-Musk SpaceX model: This Easter Egg is really great. It is almost a tribute to Elon Musk, who is revolutionizing space travel with his company SpaceX. With his team, he has developed a rocket that returns to earth on its own and landed here and does not burn as usual, returning to the atmosphere. This rocket can be re-used and many parts of it, which in turn is enormously cost-saving. In Mass Effect Andromeda, you will find a model of the Falcon Heavy rocket, which is equipped with 27 engines and perhaps will be instrumental in the revolution of space exploration.

11. Spacehamster : You should also know the small Spacehamster from past parts of the Mass Effect series. In Mass Effect Andromeda you can find hamster crumbs in the kitchen of Tempest. You can also accept a quest, you just follow the trail of crumbs that you see when you scan the cabinets. Get the required items and you can now get a pet, the little crumb.

12. SAM AI's Joke: The SAM tells you in the course of Mass Effect Andromeda following joke: If a neutron to the discotheque, says the doorman: "Sorry, only for invited guests"! . Does he seem so familiar to you? We know this joke from Fallout 4 and from Sheldon Cooper, the disturbed physicist from the US-American series "The Big Bang Theory".