Outlast 2: Strategy Guide and Survival Tips

In Outlast 2, you'll be out in the role of Cameraman Blake Langermann. His wife, Lynn, is a passionate revelation journalist, and so it's no wonder that she wants to get rid of the mysterious incidents surrounding the murder of a pregnant woman. But right from the start, you got involved with the whole thing. Your helicopter crashes and Lynn has just disappeared. Let's go the uncanny search through the sect village in the middle of the Arizona desert.

Here it is clear that you are not alone. You are watching and chasing soon. You will see horrible things and face images of the past. Blood, corpses, occult altars and surely you are also wondering: Why is Blake still knocking on the doors, even though one of his adversaries could be behind?

Your weapons are your camera, bandages, and legs. As in the first installment you cannot defend or fight. From time to time there will be a few action scenes, but here you cannot intervene. Your task is quickly described in Outlast 2: Either you hide or you run away. You need to find documents and make video recordings and achieve the various goals. Sounds quite simple, does not it?

Tips and Tricks To Survive in Outlast 2

Save your gameplay, so you can quickly return to the point where you died. However, you also have the option to create manual save locations and access them later.

The following tips and strategies help you to quickly understand the game mechanics and not to die too often:

Camera : The camera is your friend, especially because of the night vision. You can also take pictures with the camera. If you are on a conspicuous scene, it happens that a red circle is filling. Continue until the circle is fully filled, which takes about ten seconds. This recording ends up in your saving, where you can watch these recordings later. You should also get this because you get more info, because Blake says a few things to what is seen, which in turn can be important for you.

Batteries: For the night vision function as well as the microphone of the camera to function, you need batteries, which you find in different places on your way. Only the night vision consumes battery. If you look normal through the camera, then you don’t use batteries. We recommend that you use the night vision system sparingly and turn it on and off at the secondary speed since you don’t need it permanently. There are rooms with enough light or the moon, which lets you see everything important. Look for enough time, if you have the time and don’t have to run straight away. As a rule, batteries are next to radios, flashlights, etc., where they are theoretically needed.

Collectibles: Everything that is to be collected, ie documents, batteries, dressing material and occasionally also key or similar will be whiteness for you in the dark. So you can hardly overlook it. But you should not leave a door, a house or a corner, because here a Collectible could be hidden everywhere. There is no "inventory", by the way. To find out how many batteries and how much material you currently have, go to the mode where you want to watch the recordings. At this moment Blake looks down, you see the camera in his hands and his jacket. Look closely - In the right jacket are the bandage rolls, of which you can take a maximum of three, and in the left are the batteries, of which you can take a maximum of eight with you.

Documents: Also documents, letters or similar can store in camera. Often these documents are placed on tables or on shelves. Read them quiet, even if it takes a little time, but they tell you more about the history and the background.

If I'm Dead: if you die, you may have to make a little bit of a path again. You don’t have to record any documents you have already found here, but you will lose batteries and bandage material. Otherwise you will not be harmed if you are killed, except that it may hurt your ego. You may die as often as you like.

It Doesn't Go Any Further: If you don’t get further, because about all doors are locked, then go back again. Have you done everything that the game demands from you? For example, did you take the photo, so that something else was triggered? Sometimes Blake says something or something and then it goes on.

Hide or Run Away?: The strange sectarians will search for you. Since you cannot fight because you have no weapons, there are only two possibilities. You can run away from evil or hide from evil. When hiding, however, there is a problem: Don’t hesitate too long, because here they will find you after a while. Use the hiding just to check out the ways to escape, and then sneak around them. You can also hide under beds, in cupboards or in barrels. It is also possible to dive if you are in the water or simply just behind objects remain hidden. Running away is also a good alternative. However, after a while, your stamina will be affected by running. This is also the case with long swimming.

Enemies: You should never jump directly to NPCs. As a rule, they will then attack you and, unlike them, you have no machete. Better be in hidden, so as not to be seen, otherwise they will open the hunt for you. There are only a few NPCs that don’t attack you directly, but are just a little disturbed in a corner squat or stand up and brave any psalms. The AI is not very clever, in fact you can partly very well at them. But if you touch them or get into their field of view, then it means: Race, what the stuff holds!

Doors and Windows: When you enter a house, you have the possibility to close the door lock. Similarly, you can close the windows to hide from your enemies. This is only partly useful, because the AI can also break through locked doors, if he has discovered you. After all, they will also see you through windows, if they are looking for you and you are unfavorable, then they will not stop a locked door. But first of all you are more secure if you lock the doors behind you, if you want to look for the appropriate house in peace. In addition, you should always open and close doors slowly, so as not to be too loud and draw attention to you.

Sound Recording / Microphone: What is new is that you can now also use your camera to hear noise through the microphone. On your screen on the left side you can see the ripples of these noises. Depending on how high these are, the more clearly you can hear what has been said. So you have the possibility to listen through walls, what is said or to hear better things at a distance. In addition, this can also indicate to you how far away the enemies from you.

Bandage: Were you hurt, but could escape? Then you can use one of the collected associations. Blake will then wrap him around the arm and you're already "healthy" again.