Persona 5: Guide for Making Lots of Money without Cheats

In Persona 5, you can easily earn a lot of money without cheats. In this guide, we'll show you how to farm yen. You basically get rare items that you can sell at a dealer. We will show you different game situations video guides, which will show you good farmspots.

Persona 5 - Make quick money - 10.000 Yen

Right at the beginning of Persona 5 you can get coal. For this, you get to the point in the story after you saved Ann Takamaki from the palace. Follow Ryuji to the Pawn Shop, where you can buy weapons, armor and accessories. In this shop, you can exchange expensive items for a lot of money - remember this location. Now continue Ann's quest in the palace. After you unlock Ann’s Persona, you move through a room with a huge box. Open the crate and you will get a Soma item - most often - restore the HP and SP of your team as soon as you use it.

If you don’t receive the item, reload the quest. With this item you go to the shop and speak with the owner. For the Soma item you will get a whopping 50,000 yen. You can find more somas in the loot of defeated opponents or deeper in the first dungeon. In addition, you get one of a shadow as well as the free "Healing Item Set" DLC. In the following video you can see again the possibility, right at the beginning of the game of Persona 5 to get neat coal.

Persona 5 - Make money - up to 170.000 Yen

To use this method to earn money in Persona 5, Onmoraki needs to be at Level 15, including Skills Confuse Boost Pulinpa. In this case, you can earn between 40,000 and 170,000 yen. Merge Onmoraki into a persona of your choice. Attention: A high fortune brings you more coal. The persona doesn’t have to be strong, because you can also farm on the simplest difficulty level. It just has to inherit the skills Confuse Boost Pulinpa. Level the new persona through Gallows Fusion using the highest level of Gem Persona as a "food". Attention, you can use this method only one per person. You can bypass it, if you register the persona, remove it and call again.

After that you use Gallows Fusion again. Wait until you have three Memento Requests (Note: Not every Memento Boss can be confused). Set the difficulty to Easy and equips an SP regenerating accessory. Now you are removing everyone except the protagonist from your party. Find the Memento Boss and confused him. Then defend yourselves until you have to confuse again. The boss throws money or items (or nothing at all) after you. You should not suffer much damage. The following video describes the method in Persona 5.