Persona 5: How to install and Configure Japanese Audio DLC

Persona 5 is a Japanese RPG game video for PS3 and PS4. The game features dubbing, text and audio in English by default, but allows you to install and configure the original Japanese dubbing, for those who prefer to enjoy the game as it was done for the first time when it was released in Japan. In this guide, we will show you how to install and configure the original audio:

The process below works for PS3 and PS4, but uses the PS4 version as the basis. The only difference is visual. The step by step is the same on both consoles.

Step 1. With the video game on, go to PlayStation Store;

Step 2. Go to the search field of the online store and search for Persona 5, typing its characters.

Step 3. Find the file called "Japanese Audio Track."

Step 4. Start the download and wait until finished. It's 2.9 GB, which can take a few hours on slower connections.

Step 5. When the download is complete, go to Persona 5 installed in your video game.

Step 6. Within the game, select the "Configuration" option.

Step 7. The game will continue with English texts, but now you can select the "Japanese voice" option, turning it - ON and OFF.

The Japanese voice can be turned on or off when the player wishes. Remember that this doesn’t affect the text, including subtitles, which will remain in English.


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