Persona 5: Locations of All Confidants

In Persona 5, you will find 21 confidants and each of them is associated with particular arcana, which in turn describes the categories of the persona. In this guide, we will show you the locations of all confidants in detail.

In the game, you can maintain friendships with your party members and other important NPCs in Tokyo, thus benefiting from various bonuses. For example, a good relationship with the Dr. Takemi you’ll get a discount on healing items and if you get along with teachers, you may even go unpunished with the lessons and do other things.

Find Confidants and Boost Ranks

If you keep your relations with Confidants on a regular basis, you will be rewarded with rank ascents that will give you new abilities, bonuses and items. Please note the following: 

- You will usually get a text message from new announcements and party members because they want to do something with you. Tell us absolutely not to disappoint them.

- The icon with the blue map on the map also shows you where a confidant is available to hang out. A "UP" means that with the corresponding Confidant a rise in rank is imminent.

- The Confidants' sites are always changing in the course of the game, and you should always close the current Palace before you continue to maintain relationships. After all, party members are only willing to do something with you after a completed palace.

- Use the so-called hangout spots for trips with your friends and give gifts to female confidants. You can buy these in the various shops of Tokyo and every Confidant has different preferences here.

Important! Whenever you do something with a Confidant, make sure you have a persona of the appropriate Arcana type in your inventory (see table below). This gives you bonus points for improving the relationship in the dialogues with them

Confidants Locations

Below we have listed all 21 Confidants in the game. Keep in mind that many of the confidants will be unlocked in the course of the game and a few will also have certain social stat ratings before they interact with you. You can also start romances with all female confidants.

Fool (Igor) - Automatically unlocked on April 12th

Magician (Morgana) - Automatically unlocked on April 15th

Priestess (Makoto) - After the completion of the Bank Palace. Talk to Makoto outside the Student Council Office.

Empress (Haru) - Available from October 30th. Speak with Haru on the roof of the school.

Emperor (Yusuke) - After the event with Yusuke on June 14th. Then talk to him at the Railway Underground Passageway in Shibuya

Hierophant (Sojiro) - Automatically cleared in April after talking to Sojiro at Café Leblanc in the evening.

Lovers (Ann) - Automatically unlocked on April 15th.

Chariot (Ryuji) - Automatically unlocked on April 12th.

Justice (Goro) - Automatically unlocked on June 10th.

Hermit (Futaba) - Automatically unlocked at the end of August.

Fortune (Chihaya) - After clearing the Shinjuku district in June, let the girl predict the future here at night. Return to her later and give her money. Then come to her again and complete her sidequest.

Strength (Justine & Caroline) - Automatically cleared on 18 May. Complete the requests of the twins to increase this Confidant.

Hangman (Munehisa) - After the event with the mysterious package, talk to Iwai in the Airsoft Store.

Death (Tae) - Possible from April 18th. Visit the clinic in Yongen-Jaya.

Temperance (Sadayo) - Possible from May 25th. Talk to Ryuji with Kawakami after the event.
She can be found after the school in front of the Student Faculty Office.

Devil (Ichiko) - After clearing the Shinjuku district in June, the woman meets in the Crossroads bar at night.

Tower (Shinya) - Complete on September 4. The sidequest “Winner’s Don’t Use Cheats”.

Star (Hifumi) - From 25 June you can visit Canada Church. Talk to the Shogi player here.

Moon (Yuuki) - Automatically cleared on 6 May.

Sun (Toranosuke) - Listen to the politician's speech at Shibuya Station Square at night.

Judgement (Sae) - Automatically unlocked on July 9th. The ranking improves automatically in the further storyline.