The Division: Loadouts (Patch 1.6.1) in Detail

Since few days now, the PC users can test the loadouts for the first time on the PTS. On the other hand, The PS4 and Xbox One players have to wait for the update 1.6.1 to go live in May. Only then they can benefit from this feature.

Loadouts describe the possibility that you can save your character builds and quickly switch between them. This will save you a lot of time, since you do not have to exchange each item and ability individually if you want to switch to a different character setup.

In the game you can find the loadouts in your inventory:

Between the overview and the tab "Character" is a new tab called "Loadouts". There you have access to your loadouts. In addition, you can find out directly in the overview which loadout you have equipped or whether it is a character setup not yet saved (as in the upper picture, there is the right "Loadout: Unsaved"). So you see immediately what your character is currently wearing.

If you click on the Loadouts tab, you will come to this menu. On the left side, all your loadouts are listed, where you can store a maximum of 6. On the right you can see the stored weapons, armor parts, mods, skills and talents.

In this menu, you can add loadouts, save loadouts and overwrite, delete loadouts, and rename them. There is a limitation, which is currently being criticized: the names for the loadouts can not be freely chosen - you have to choose between predefined names like Assault, DPS or Medic.

You save the loadouts by pressing the corresponding button (here F). Then the character build you currently have in the overview is stored in the loadout slot.

How Do The Mods Work With The Loadouts?

Questions About Loadouts

- If you want to use the same mods for two different loadouts, are these mods automatically equipped when changing? Yes, the mods are automatically transferred from one loadout to another when you change the loadouts.

- How fast can you switch between loadouts? Once you have a loadout, there is a cooldown of a few seconds. Only then you can switch to the next loadout.

- Can the agent at the Loadout Change items that you have placed in the warehouse? No, you must wear the weapons and armor parts in your character inventory. Items that are in the warehouse are not automatically equipped with loadout changes. As soon as you pick up the item from the warehouse, the loadout is complete again. Until then, the loadout menu shows the corresponding items with a storage symbol that they are in the warehouse and cannot be equipped. However, you can equip the incomplete loadout - without the items in the warehouse.

- Can you change the loadouts during a battle? No. You must be out of the fight.

- Can you change the loadout while a skill is in the Cooldown? No. Then comes a message that this is not possible. For example: you cannot ignite the searcher and the gun, then switch to a loadout with two other skills, and then use them. It’s not so with individual skills.

- Are the loadouts character-transcending? No, each agent has its own loadouts.