Zelda Breath of the Wild: Thunder Helm Walkthrough

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you’ll get a chance to grab the Gerudo’s treasure the unique Thunder Helmet. You can get this during the main mission in Gerudo city for Riju from the Yiga hiding place. In this guide, we will show you how you get the Thunder helm.

After defeating Ganon's Cursed, enter the throne room to talk to Riju and receive your reward. Then look at the Thunder helm more closely and show your interest in the headdress. If you have completed the following side quests in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you can get the Thunder helm.

Thunder Helm Side Quests

Medicinal Molduga
Tools of the Trade
The Search for Barta
The Mystery Polluter

Why Thunder helm is so important? The helmet is very valuable as it protects you from lightning strikes. This will not permanently interfere with your weapon changes during thunderstorms, which is of course very useful.

Please note that you have to complete the main mission Divine Beast Vah Naboris to access this side quest.

Medicinal Molduga

This side quest starts during the day and you will get it from Malena in the west of the city among the soldiers.

- She asks for a Molduga Guts. You get this when you cast one of the four Molduga monsters in the Gerudo desert.
- Go south from Gerudo town to find a Molduga.
- Moldugas look scary, but they can easily be defeated. Wait for a rock on the monster and throw a bomb on the sand.
- Let the bomb detonate when the Moldora snaps. While stunned, you can attack it. Repeat the method until the monster is defeated.

You only have to bring its loot to Malena to complete this task. She will give you Gold Rupee.

Tools of the Trade

This task is by far the easiest. Speak with Isha, who is near the town entrance at the Jewelry shop. She wants you to have 10 flints, so she can reopen her shop. In the normal case, you should already have 10 flints in the inventory, since they are not rare. Alternatively, you should travel to Eldin and mine the ore for abundant flint bricks in the southern mine.

Then deliver the flints to Aisha and you can even choose one of three accessories.

Ruby circlet
Sapphire circlet
Topaz earrings

We recommend the sapphire circlet, as it is the most valuable. The other two and many more accessories you can buy anyway later in the Jewelry shop.

The Search for Barta

Go to the Trainer Liana in the west of Gerudo Town to start the task "The Search for Barta". Before the beginning of the quest, you should have heat level 2 protection and get a Hearty Durian fruit. Optionally, you farm such a fruit or buy one at the dealer for 60 rupees.

- You must go to the south-west end of the desert to solve this quest.
- Behind a sandstorm you will find a fairy source and a large fossil with a shrine. In the shadow of the fossil you will find Barta.
- Give her the Hearty Durian fruit and then speak with Liana again to complete the quest.

The Mystery Polluter

Talk to the crying child Dalia in the north of the town. Since she can no longer plant her berries, she will ask you to find the evil doer who is polluting the water source.

- A woman named Calyban, who is on the roofs in the west of the city, is responsible for water pollution.
- Give her 10 wild berries, the she will stop polluting the water.
- You will find exactly 10 wild berries at the Rito stable. Collect a wild berry and take a picture of her.
- This will enable one of the entries in the Hydromelon. Then use the sensor to search for the remaining. You find exactly 10 wildberries at the Rito stable. Collect a wild berry and take a picture of berries to complete the quest.

The Gerudo’s Treasure

After you have completed all four side quests, you can talk to Riju, who will give you the Thunder helm with pleasure. Through it, your metal weapons are protected by lightning and thunder from the Thunder helm and you have no more problems with the weapon change and do not suffer any damage.