Achievements and Trophies: Tekken 7 - Guide

In Tekken 7, you will experience the last chapter of the Mishima feud, which is now 20 years. In between, you’ll be able to collect a lot of cool stuff and you have to prove yourself in some arcade battles if you want to unlock the 100% achievements.

In the game, you can adjust to ultimate battle that is astonishing with the aid of Unreal Engine 4. Besides, the exciting story provides you with some over-the-top action sequences.

You can look forward to a total of 43 trophies in Tekken 7, which means 42 achievements. If you want to get all these achievements, then you have to play the main story and cause a lot of damage. You also have to put some great moves in the fights and earn 10,000,000 G.

If you want to play Tekken 7 on the PlayStation, the trophy distribution looks as follows:

- 26 Bronze Trophies
- 13 Silver trophies
- 3 Gold trophies
- 1 Platinum trophy

Once stuck, never stopped again! Tekken 7 is about winning, but you have to jump into different battles and defeat certain enemies. Below we will show you all the achievements, including the respective Trophy and a note about the unlock condition.


- Yeah! I Did It! - Won a ranked game Online.

- Not Bad - Won player match Online.

- Okay! I’m Ready! - Won a fight in an online tournament.

- Come And Get Some, I Dare You! - Involved in ten online battles.

- Instant Annihilation - Won three times in a Treasure fight.

- You Think You’re Tougher Than Me? - completed prolog of the main story.

- You Challenge Me?! - completed chapter eight of the main story.

- I Demand To Know The Truth! - completed three character episodes.

- Cool! - Collected 20 treasure chests.

- The Prosperous Inevitably Decline - Defeat Akuma in an arcade fight or a special battle in Treasure Combat.

- Fear My Wrath - Defeat Devil Kazumi in an arcade fight or a special battle in Treasure Combat.

- Don’t Take It Personally - Achieved a perfect Victory (Exception Offline versus Combat)

- You Fought Well - Achieved a great Victory. (Exception Offline versus Combat)

- There’s Nowhere To Run. Give Up! - Dealt 10 prosecuted / homing attacks. (Exception Offline versus Combat)

- I’ll Kick Your Butt To Hell And Back - Dealt more than 70 damage caused in an air combo. (Exception Offline versus Combat)

- Just Relax, You Can Do It - Performed three 10 hit combos. (Exception Offline versus Combat)

- Elegance At Its Purest - Triggered 10 screws. (Exception Offline versus Combat)

- Power Is Everything! - Dealt 10 Power Crushes. (Exception Offline versus Combat)

- This Should Be Fun - Got promoted to first dan.

- Your technique is impressive - Got promoted to Initiate

- Sturdy And Indestructible - blocked 5 Rage Arts (Exception Offline versus Combat)

- Don’t Hold Anything Back - Defeated 20 enemies with a higher rank.

- Destructive Drive - Performed a floor breaking move. (Exception Offline versus Combat)

- Crushing Impact! - Performed a balcony breaking move. (Exception Offline versus Combat)

- Please do not tell my father - Reached the lowest part of the "Jungle Outpost" level. (Exception Offline versus Combat)

- It’s Just Business - Received a total of 5,000,000 G.


- Wow, I’m Pretty Strong! - Completed three special games in Treasure fight.

- Let’s Do This - completed chapter one of the main story.

- I Can’t Accept This Fate - completed chapter thirteen of the main story.

- Master Of Iron Fist - Completed special chapter of the main story.

- Lightning Of Fate - Completed 10 character episode storied.

- No Pain, No Gain - Dealt 50,000 damage in the training mode

- Overdrive! - Dealt 10 Rage Drives. (Exception Offline versus Combat)

- We Settle This Now! - Dealt 20 Rage Arts. (Exception Offline versus Combat)

- Stun Gun! - Won 5 games with a rage kind. (Exception Offline versus Combat)

- Roar! (Nice Moves!) - Got promoted to Brawler.

- Anger Of The Beast - caused a total of 1,000 damage In Rage mode. (Exception Offline versus Combat)

- Going Somewhere? - Reached the bottom floor of the Forgotten Realm level. (Exception Offline versus Combat)

- Excellent - Received a total of 10,000,000 G.


- It’s Time For You To Meet Your End! - Watched the Epilogue of the main story.

- I’ve Finally Found You! - Gained 50 treasure chests

- Hot-Blooded Fighter - Got promoted to Warrior.


- I’ll Get Everything Back! - Received all trophies