All Keycard Locations, Keycodes and Passwords in Prey 2017

In Prey, the keycodes open doors and safes. Often you can pass the secured doors and alternate paths. However, these are not entirely harmless. The codes can be found on walls or on paper. Once you have found them, they will be displayed next to the control panel. You must enter it manually. The good thing about the codes is that you can easily use them without having found them before. So if you find the safe combinations somewhere on the Internet, you could simply enter them.

Keep in mind that the game offers an (almost) open world so the order of the codes does not match with each player. Some codes are created randomly at each game run. If this is the case, you will find no code but a location.

You can also unlock the codes using hacking. Note the control panel and the number next to the hacking icon. It shows you at what level you must have expanded the ability. Crack your safes as a reward. Neuromods to unlock skills.

Keycode 1 (Simulation Debriefing Room, Safe)

This vault is located behind the apartment. Hit the glass and then go to the right. Look for a sign next to the door labeled "Debriefing". In the room is the vault and opposite a whiteboard with the code, which was dubbed but worm.
- Code: 5150

- Rewards: Psi-Hypo-Manufacturer-Plan, 3x Psi-Hypo, 6,00x exotic Material, Psychological converter

At the entrance to the waiting area directly in the office of Sarah Elzar is a door, which you can open by code. You need the Huntress Boltcaster to get the code. The weapon can be found on level 3 in the empty office next to Yuri Kimura's workplace. Shoots through a window in the waiting area to activate a button.

Keycode 2 (Security station in the atrium, door)

- Location: Look at a note next to her computer.

- Rewards: 1x suit- Repair Kit

Keycode 3 (Security station in the atrium, Safe)

We remain a bit in Sarah Elzar's office. This time we want to crack their vault.

- Location: Look for the safe behind her desk. Nearby is also a green book containing the code. Look for a highlighted passage in the book.

- Rewards: Fabricator plan of shot cartridges, recycler charge, EMP charge, nullwave transmitter.

Keycode 4 (Quarantine in Trauma Center, Door)

This code opens a door in the quarantine area, which is located in the center of the dream center.

- Location: You can find the code on the PC by Mathias Kohl. Read the quarantine mail.

- Rewards: Keycode

Keycode 5 (Dr. Hendrik DeVries office in Traumazentrum, Safe)

To find the desk of Dr. DeVries, you must either find the right key card or get into the room (through skills).

- Code: 7342

- Location: The code is on a wall in the quarantine station. Remember the safe combination better.

- Rewards: 3x Psi-Hypo, 3x Neuromod

Keycode 6 (Morgan Yu’s office, door)

In the course of the story you come by here - so the code is also easy to find.

- Code: 0451

- Location: Search for a notepad on the screen of your PC.

- Rewards: Neuromods

Keycode 7 (Employee's lounge on level 2 in the atrium)

In the living room, you will find the body of Octavia Figgs behind the bar. Listen to their recording to get the code.

Keycode 8 (Volunteer at Level 3 of the Atrium)

Search on level 3 above the atrium for this code. It is located on the PC of Bianca Goodwin in the western office.

Find All Keycards

Keycards will take you to Prey and will open up new areas or areas. Early in the game you are told that there are alternative ways to get behind the locked door, but this option is not always easier to accomplish.

Keycard 1 Simulation Debriefing room:

You will find the first locked door in the simulation Debriefing room. Search nearby to find them. The top picture shows you the desk of Dr. Sylvain Bellamy, on which is the first keycard.

Keycard 2 - Trauma Center

Search on level 1 in the lobby. Behind the illuminated counter - you can recognize it by the illuminated lettering "TranStar"

Keycard 3 (Morgan Yu’s office)

Look for a small niche in your office. On a table is the map. By the way, the room opens by looking for a code on Morgans PC and entering it at the door

Keycard 4 (Teleconferencing room)

To enter the Teleconference Room, you need a keycard. Look for it in your office under your PC screen.

Keycard 5 (Maintenance Tunnel)

In the course of the game you will find the corpse of Ramon Ridley. Go past her on the right and continue to the magnetosphere room. Now run to the left of the chamber, where Anders Kline "gets to know". He has the map to the maintenance tunnel and then to the arboretum.

Keycard 6 (Crew)

Once you have finally arrived at the arboretum, go down with a lift and enter the deep ending. Here you can find the lifeless body of Zachary West, which has the key card in the inventory.

Password Locations for PCs

In the game, you have to look some computers and read the data on it. They bring you not only more story into the game, but also give you side missions, which reward you. If you found the password, you don’t have to type it manually. The game is done automatically.

- Julien Howard's PC (Arboretum): Look for the body of Iris Stein. There is a notepad nearby.

- Gus Magill's PC: The password is located on a notepad under the phone near Gus' desk in the dispatch and reception area.

- Abigail Foy’s PC (Crew quarters): Look for Abail's room. Under her desk there is a note with the password.

- Ivy Song’s PC (Storage): The code is on a note on Zachary West's desk in the Corporate Information Technology area.

- Test-workstation (Hardware-Department): Search in the labs. Here you can find a clipboard lying on the floor - near the computer. On the clipboard there is a notepad with the code.

- Price Broadways PC (life support-Department): Near Broadway's workplace there is a bock with a note in it.

- Jason Changs PC (Lobby): A piece of paper with the password sticks to his PC. (Hacking-Level: 1)

- Marco Simmons (Neuromod-Department): The password sticks to his screen. (Hacking-Level: 1)

- Security terminal (Neuromod-Department): The password is on a note from Divy Naaz corpse. (Hacking-Level: 2)