Best themes from James Bond movies starring Roger Moore

One of the most ambitious UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors, Roger Moore, has passed away recently at age 89 after battle with cancer. The actor first gained fame on television as the star of the series "The Saint," and became famous for taking on the iconic role of James Bond in the 1970s, replacing Sean Connery and George Lazemby.

Moore was the agent 007 in seven films, released between 1973 and 1985 and left his mark on the character, and in the history of the cinema. Here are the five best themes that packed the adventures of Roger Moore's James Bond movies.

Live and Let Die - 1973

Composed and recorded by Paul McCartney, his wife Linda is also credited as the author, when he was with the Wings, the track became a huge success, and is still a central part of the shows of the Beatle. The song was nominated for an Oscar, but lost to "The Way We Were," from the movie of the same name.

Nobody Does It Better - 007 The Spy Who Loved Me - 1977

Composed by Marvin Hamlisch and Carole Bayer Sager and recorded by Carly Simon, the song was also nominated for an Oscar - losing to "You Light Up My Life" - and became a perennial hit on flashback and adult pop radio.

For Your Eyes Only - 1981

Another that is still well remembered, this one was composed by Bill Conti and Michael Leeson and was also nominated for an Oscar - losing to Arthur's Theme (best That You Can Do) by "Arthur, The Seductive Millionaire". The song was performed by Sheena Easton, who became the first interpreter of a Bond theme to appear during the opening of the film.

All Time High - 007 Octopussy - 1983

Written by John Barry, author of the track of the most classic films of Bond, with lyrics of Tim Rice and engraved by Rita Coolidge, this subject is not of the most appreciated by public and critic, opinion also shared by its authors. In 2012, "All Time High" ended up inspiring one of the funniest scenes in Seth MacFarlane's "Ted" movie, when Mark Wahlberg climbs onto Norah Jones' stage to sing her out of tune.

A View To A Kill - 007 In The Miracle of the Assassins - 1985

Aiming to attract a younger audience to the franchise, the producers invited Duran Duran, then one of the biggest bands on the planet to write the theme of this adventure. The track, composed by the quintet in partnership with John Barry, reached the top of the American chart and was the last one recorded by Duran's original lineup until the group's reunion in 2001.