Dark and Light: How Magic Works in the Survival Game

Magic plays a major role in many MMORPGs, but they are mostly rare in Survival games, because it is difficult to reconcile the powerful spells with the approach of survival. Dark and Light also attaches great importance to survival elements, but still wants to offer magic. However, this in an interesting and unusual way.

You will not be able to learn magic in the form of magic spells that you can improve and which are powerful enough to be able to walk through the world without any problems. Magic is only possible in the form of magic objects that are built into crafting.

So you will have to create magic yourself by creating certain magical objects. However, the production of magical objects is very complex. This alone is already an interesting approach, which is however still extended.

Magic Serves the Support

Magic is always used to support existing skills. That is, all you need to do in Survival can be simplified or enhanced by magical objects. This will also apply to the fighting.

Therefore, Magic is a form of improvement that everyone can learn. The developers attach great importance to good balancing. There will always be non-magical objects that are extremely powerful. Therefore, Magic is not a must. In some situations it will be useful, but not in others. Often, a combination of magic and physical forces will continue.

The MMORPG Dark and Light is not yet available. An early access phase is scheduled to start later this year.