Dead by Daylight: New Killer The Doctor - Details

The new DLC Spark of Madness for the Dead by Daylight - appears in just a few days and brings both a new killer and a survivor.

The Doctor is based on Chinese horror stories and could have escaped without problems from the Horror Title Outlast. He has two "attitudes" with which he makes life difficult for the survivors.

- In the "punishment" mode, he can swing his metal rod and wound survivors.

- In the "treatment" mode, he has an aura that meets all the survivors nearby with madness. Madness builds up slowly, then remains for a while and triggers different effects.

Survivors sometimes receive sound notices that the killer is exactly behind them, although he is at the other end of the map. The Skill checks also no longer appear on the screen. And insane survivors scream from time to time simply and thus betray their position.

Dead by Daylight: New Survivor Feng Min

The new survivor Feng Min is Chinese and from the story actually in an e-Sports team - but now somehow caught in the nightmare of the entities. Your perks will make it less risky to repair a generator, can reverse failed skill checks, and get a small speed burst when climbing over an object.

New Map: The Doctor's Hospital

This is still a fresh map, namely the hospital of the doctor. It is the first map that plays completely in a house and has many narrow spaces, which are very similar. You should never feel safe and always afraid that the killer could be behind the next doorway.

The new DLC "Spark of Madness" will appear on Steam on 11th May and will cost $ 6.99