Destiny 2: Basic gear stat changes and new Exotic Armor

In Destiny 2, Basic changes are made to the armor parts. Exotic armor is also known.

In Destiny 1, three things determine the value of your armor:

- The Defense: This value reduces the damage done by enemies and contributes to the light level of your character (maximum 400)

- The Perks: These give you special bonuses

- The attributes: Intellect shortens the cooldown of the super, control of the grenades and strength of melee. The higher these attributes, the more often you can use the abilities.

These Gear-Stats are broken up in Destiny 2. The attributes are removed, but armor parts will affect three other stats.

Intellect, discipline and strength

The attributes intellect, discipline, and strength disappear in Destiny 2. This means your armor parts can no longer determine the decay times of the three abilities. Especially, since Destiny 2 will also have a fourth ability, the class ability.

In the Character menu, the three attributes are replaced by Armor, Agility, and Recovery

- Armor: Increases the amount of damage you can stake before you die

- Agility: Increases the movement speed and the maximum jump height

- Recovery: Increases the speed at which your lost life is restored

Veteran players are already known these values: These are displayed in Destiny 1 at the Focus overview. With certain focus nodes they can be adapted there

However, a look at already known focus shows that these focus nodes are missing in Destiny 2. Say, no longer the focus, but the armor parts will determine in future armor, agility and recovery. This is likely to open up more possibilities for influencing them individually.

In the Character menu, the three values for each armor part are displayed with a bar display:

The armor parts still have a defense value (here 200) as well as Perks. Perks known to date

- Additional mobility at the expense of "shield strength" (and vice versa)

- Grenades are recharged faster (the decay times of the abilities can be reduced in Perkin's Destiny 2)

- Improved weapon handling

- Class ability is recharged faster

The helmet, gloves, chest protector, leg protection and class object remains. The slot, which is filled with the artifacts in Destiny 1, was locked on the gameplay premiere with a lock symbol.

Exotic Armor Parts in Destiny 2

A few exotic armor parts were also revealed, when the developers talked about the Exotics.

These are Titan armored gloves with violet-lighted horns:

Only the gloves are exotic, the remaining armor parts have already been discovered in other titans

So far, there is no information about shaders in Destiny 2, but the following two pictures suggests that we can color the armor parts again differently.

Also on this picture is an Exotic to see. In all likelihood, the helmet is the exotic item because it definitely has a striking design.

Finally, this Warlock chest guard with extravagant look was shown

The front is adorned with golden decorations; in the middle is a red, ruby-like stone. But the real highlight is to be seen on the back - Golden Wings:

What exotic Perks these armor parts have is still unclear. However, it can be assumed that this Warlock chest protector will strengthen the Dawnblade subclass.