Destiny 2: gameplay overview - the Next Adventure

In the Livestream on the gameplay premiere of Destiny 2, there are three short videos were to be seen, in which the developers talk about important aspects of the game and explain them. Now the three videos were published.

Destiny 2: The Next Adventure

The first video is called "The Next Adventure". This is about the setting of Destiny 2 and about some innovations compared to Destiny 1:

What happens when a world full of superheroes loses their powers, their history and their home, asks Project Lead Professor Noseworthy. This is exactly what happens at the beginning of Destiny 2. While the Guardians in Destiny 1 were able to defy all dangers thanks to the Traveler’s light, Crota, Oryx or Spider Monster, they face an enemy in Destiny 2, To take these forces: Ghaul!

In Destiny 2 you are the underdogs, the subordinates, who are lowered from light level 400 to 0 and face an overpowering cabal. Your task is to recover the forces, gather the units, and challenge Ghaul to recover home.

Who is Ghaul in Destiny 2?

Ghaul is a Cabal warlord who leads the Red Legion. He comes into the solar system to capture the light of the traveler. He introduces himself in the video: "I am Ghaul and your light is mine! "

Ghaul is jealous of you. He wants to have the light. He thinks he has the light of the traveler. He should have been the chosen one, not the guardians. He had gone through so much in his life that he now had a right to it.

So Ghaul comes to the earth with a clear goal, which he directly translates into action. He locks the traveler into a kind of cage and instantly all the guards lose their light. They have no more powers, can hardly run yet. Many die, some flee to the European death zone. The vanguard is scattered.

You are now the heroes of the story who are going out and reclaiming their powers. You start as underdogs and you have to fight back to the top.

Another video presents the four new worlds:

The last video deals with the Guided Games: