Destiny 2: New Gunslinger Hunter Skills / Abilities Guide

The Gunslinger, a sub-class of the Hunter, has new skills and abilities in Destiny 2. This is how it is revised.

In the gameplay premiere of Destiny 2, the players could play with three different guardian classes:

The Warlock was available as Dawnblade - A new focus, in which the Warlock attacks with a flame sword
The Titan could be played as a striker.
The Hunter had the Gunslinger focus, which is also reworked in Destiny 2.

The Skills of the Gunslinger in Destiny 2

The focus overview is different in Destiny 2 than in Destiny 1: Now the hunter is in his active super ability on the right side, on the left side the focus nodes are listed.

In the center is the symbol for the super ability: This remains the guns of the gunslinger. You activate the super ability with the same keys as in Destiny 1. On the PS4 is the L1 R1. Then a flaming pistol appears in the hands of the hunter, with whom you can go on enemy hunt.

However, at the top right of the focus overview are Perks, one of which modifies the Golden un:

- Six-Shooter: The Golden Gun can be fired up to 6 times, but it has a shorter duration. This is an advantage especially against bosses in PvE. On the other hand, in PvP it will be difficult to get 6 enemies in a short time (especially since there are only 4v4 battles).

- Explosive Knife: Throw a knife at an enemy that explodes shortly after the impact, when the melee energy is full

- Chains of Woe: Precision kills increase the reload tempo for you and your close allies

- Bombs for Bullseyes: Precision hits generate shell energy

The grenades, which are in the focus overview over the Super, there is no change. Here you have the well-known incendiary grenades, swarm grenades and light-sensor-mines-grenades.

There are two class-specific abilities. These are new in Destiny 2 and should not depend on the sub-class, but on the class. The hunter has the skills:

- Marksman’s Dodge: If you make an evasive movement (press the Circle button twice), the equipped weapon is automatically loaded.

- Gambler’s Dodge: If you make an evasion near the enemy, melee energy is produced

The jump abilities do not change. There is also the following: Better control, triple jump and higher jump.

Here are four further focus nodes at the bottom right:

- Knife Juggler: Throw a knife at an enemy when the melee energy is full. A precision kill thus immediately reloads the melee.

- Gunslinger’s Trance: Precision kills reduce the Cooldown of the Golden Gun

- Crowd-Pleaser: Precision hits with the Golden Gun generate spheres of light

- Line’em up: Precision hits with the Golden Gun increase the damage and extend the duration

By the way: According to a statement from Mark Noseworthy one must decide: Either chooses the four-group Perks at the lower right or the upper right. These cannot be mixed.