Fire Emblem Echoes: Two Armies Strategy Guide

In Fire Emblem Echoes, there are some important points that you should consider. For example, many characters that you can unlock. In their training there are important tips, which we explain in the following. Other important points are the tactical use of the terrain or the combination of the specializations and classes of your fighters. Once you have internalized all the important points, the encounters on the battlefield should be easier. In this guide, we will give you some useful tips and tricks that will help you in getting started.

Which Difficulty Setting to Choose?

Before you start a new game you can decide whether you want to play in classic mode or normal mode. The main difference is that in classic mode you can permanently lose your characters when defeated in combat. They can then no longer be used and remain dead. On the normal mode, defeated characters retreat from the battle and can then be deployed again. This method is particularly appealing to players who don’t want to be frustrated too quickly and want to train new fighters. However, there are higher bonuses for the classic mode.

Keep Calm

You will experience many battles in which it is tempting to attack your enemies directly and offensively. However, keep in mind that the battles become more and more difficult over time, so you expect a high risk of being defeated quickly if you don’t choose safe tactics. So take the time to place your troops and let your opponents approach you rather than be too far ahead.

Use Mila's Turnwheel

The turn wheel is a very useful item, with that you can turn back your moves if you have chosen a wrong tactic and you might even have lost important heroes. With it, you can take risks that would otherwise be too dangerous for you. However, the problem is that your turn wheel has charges. So you cannot use it infinitely often, but you have to recharge it with toothpicks. You will find these at various points in the game world.

Use Terrain Correctly

The terrain has a great effect on the course of a fight. For example, you can get defensive bonuses by positioning your characters in forests or ruins. In general, you can see the properties of terrain in the upper left-hand side of the screen. Position your heroes best so that they are strengthened by these bonuses. This makes it possible to improve long-distance riders in particular. You should also try to reach terrain where you can get support. Through these, your heroes will be healed and you ought to snatch them from your enemies.

Don’t Hesitate to use Villager

In the beginning you will find your first companions from the ranks of the Friends of Alm. These are Gray, Faye, Tobin and Kliff. They have the status of villagers and thus don’t have a fixed class. You can decide for yourself which direction they are heading for. We strongly recommend that you make your companion a magician. In addition, a mercenary should not be missed and you can do without cavaliers. There will be enough good Paladins later, but you will only get mages from chapter three, if you don’t train one at the beginning.

Use Mages Correctly

Mages have a great advantage as they can ignore the bonuses of terrain with their attacks. So if an enemy has entrenched himself in the forest, you should attack him with your magician. However, remember that mages are weak against warriors. This is also true, but too many of the powerful wizards in the team can causes you trouble because you have a weak spot. Be careful not to take mercenaries with you because they are balanced and strong.

Enhance Characters

Be sure to remember that you are immediately promoting your characters. In this way they receive stronger bonuses on their status values. If you don’t carry them right away, you can overload them unnecessarily. It is certain that you can make very large jumps if you change the classes of your heroes early. Be sure to examine each environment carefully, as you can find helpful items for your characters.

Support and Relationships

Your characters can build relationships with each other by setting them up side by side in the battles and doing actions. If one of these actions shows a short glow, this is a sign of improving the relationship. If this increases, support talks (A, B and C) are unlocked, which enhance the relationships and thereby spread bonuses to the values of the characters. However, it takes a bit since most of the A support is only available from the fourth chapter.

Weapons Forging

When you are participating, you will receive silver coins, which you can invest in forging weapons. They have no other function, so you don’t need to save them, but rather should be directly in your characters. Especially the first stage of the weapons should be expanded rapidly, as it is very fast and favorable to gain a reinforcement.