Ghost Recon Wildlands: New PvP Classes Guide / Details

In Ghost Recon Wildlands, the multiplayer should contain different game modes. One of these will most likely be a 4-against-4 and you can prove against a team with friends or random players. The five different PvP classes (Assault, Scout, Sniper, Support and Engineer) indicate a lot of change. You have light-footed ghosts, almost without armor, and heavy support soldiers, with whom you can take enemies with bullets.

The Assault

As an assault soldier you start with medium armor and an ACR- assault riffle in the fight. You have a lot of grenades to increase your penetration. You will also receive a scanner and a night vision device to better identify your enemies. He has no mines, but a silencer for his P45 and binoculars. Over time, you can unlock additional PvP weapons.

The Support

The support class is a real breaker in the Ghosts team. He has the best armor in Pvp mode, but must lose 10% speed and 40% stamina. Fast, skillful actions are less his specialization, but he has his strengths rather in the cover fire and persist on the front line. In doing so, he can even expose mines to limit approaching enemies.

The Sniper

With sniper rifle, your tactics are quite clear: to keep your distance, to precisely aim, and to take the enemies with single, very hard hits. It comes without mines and has few grenades, as well as almost no armor. So stay away from your opponents and kill enemies before they get too close to your allies. You can also change your position with him that you can catch enemies in the cover if they are safe.

The Scout

The Scout is a very fast class with him can quickly surprise your enemies and make a quick ending with your weapon with a high shot frequency from a short distance. They can even screw a muffler onto their primary weapon and make their enemies by scanner. However, they have a light armor and are so quickly defeated. As a Scout you are a good addition to the heavy support, which can attract attention, while you can attack your opponents quickly from the side.

The Engineer

From the very beginning, the engineers have a threat with which they can spy enemies for themselves and their allies and stay near the other ghosts with medium armor. You can lay out many mines to stop your opponent's advance. Otherwise, they use SMGs to quickly and effectively defend themselves.