Impact Winter: Tips and Strategies to Survive

In Impact Winter, your task is to survive 30 days until rescue comes. The game contains lots of snow but little help explaining what you have to do. For this reason, we want to give you some useful tips on how to survive the 30 days in Impact Winter.

The asteroid impact has covered the earth with snow and destroyed almost the entire life. Together with your robot companion Ako-Light, you explore the world and collect resources and materials. However, this exploration is slowly becoming unpleasant - that is when your inventory is full for the first time and you are far from your dwelling, the Church.

In the game, first you should discuss with your team. A total of four survivors live in the church and Jacob takes care of them. So you always have to work hard with wood and other fuels, cook food and upgrade your robot. Here, the first tip is waiting: familiarize yourself with the items that your team members can create and search for the materials. We consider these upgrades important. So make sure you find the right resources:

Team Member
Maggie Small deposit / safe box
Important items can be stored here. When a looter breaks into the church, he does not approach these items.
- Board
- Bolt
- Screws
- Wood shingle
- Padlock
Maggie Water filters
With the filter, ice blocks can be processed into drinking water. You have some water at the beginning - but you find few water bottles for you and your team in the void. If you have the filter built, but you must look for empty plastic bottles.
- A metal bucket
- Cotton cloth
- Cooking pot
- Rubber tube  
- Ice Bucket

ChristopheLager St. 1Your storage capacity is increased.- Small screws
- Screen
- Short wire

- Let Christophe to upgrade your inventory as often as possible. If you don’t want to forget the various resources while you are on the road, there is a special tip. As soon as you walk around in the void, click on the menu. Now go to team and then on craft. Just choose the craft you're looking for. A green dot appears immediately to the left of the upgrade. From now on, all items in boxes and other containers will be displayed with a red dot. Then you know you need this item.

- First, you should look for the recipe book for Wendy. This allows you to cook more and produce more nutritious food. Also, find out what the favorite food of the four survivors, so their motivation increases. The recipe book is in her house, which you find east of the church. Also keep a little south. You first pass the impact crater and then the houses. The house of Wendy is located east of the moat. It is a good idea to build a camp, which will warm you up. Because a house is very cold and will give you enough temperature.

- If you sleep in the tent and have previously deposited materials in the camp, Ako-Light can help you to carry them to church. At the same time, he recharges his battery. Don’t take everything with you, but start exploring, since you cannot carry much at first. Records and bottle caps are needed for a dealer who has the right quests ready. So if you have space in the backpack, take these items with you.

- To find out which resource is important, simply look at the bottom half of the screen. Here you will be shown what the specific material brings you. Some foods cause your hydration to ring up, which is bad in case of lack of water.

- Seeds take no place in your inventory. They are displayed under the values of Jacob. This is the currency of Impact Winter. You need seeds to get goods from traders. Look for every flowerpot. Here you get few seeds, but there are many pots in the houses.

- Rescue points are incidentally the XP in Impact Winter. If you want to get many of them, you should explore new places or make sure that your team is motivated. If you have collected enough, you are on the level and not only shorten the wait until help comes, but you can also unlock new roles.