Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Unlock all Gold Parts / Vehicle Parts

In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, you can unlock vehicle parts. These include chassis, tires and glides. In addition, there are also special gold pieces, for which you have to do more than just collect gold. So if you have the gold kart, the gold tires and the gold glide, you have to make a little more effort.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has a total of 23 karts, 17 bikes and quads, 21 tires and 14 gliders. If you have all the vehicle parts, you have to race properly. Collect coins and at the end of each race you will be counted up to 10 of them. In order to unlock a new vehicle, you need 30 coins (on the Wii U 50). If you have collected a total of 500 coins, the number rises to 50 (on the Wii U on 100 from 1,000 coins.).

Unlock The Gold Parts

Finally you want to unlock a special kind of vehicle parts. But it is far from simply collecting golden coins. You must meet these requirements in order to unlock the gold parts:

You will receive the gold kart when you have completed all the mirror cups and have received at least one star. A star means that you have reached 54 points.

If you manage to defeat all the Nintendo developer spirits in time, you will be rewarded with the gold tire.

If you managed to collect 5,000 coins (on the Wii U it's 10,000), you'll get the gold glider as a reward.

All Vehicle Parts At A Glance

There are three types of vehicle parts. On the one hand, there are the chassis. They are divided into karts, quads and bikes. Wii-U owners have to cover themselves with DLCs, if they want to have all vehicle parts. There are also a few chassis, which are reserved for the owners of the Nintendo Switch.

The chassis can then be combined with tires. While some veterans of you may still believe that some vehicle parts can only be used with certain characters, the reality looks somewhat different. With Mario Kart 8 Deluxe all figures can use all vehicle parts.

The third component of your vehicle is the gliders. Here too you have a decent selection of parts that you can unlock. Even if you cannot really determine which parts you are going to unlock next and the whole thing happens by chance.

What are your favorite compilations of the individual vehicle parts? Do you use the gold pieces as soon as you can unlock them, or are there any better combinations that you would like to recommend? Leave us your comments below.