MIX: How to Edit Photos and Apply Free Filters - Android / iOS

The Mix app is one of the best free editing tool for Android and iOS devices. It has several functions that change the look and notably improve any photo. In a simple way, users can redefine important image parameters such as contrast, exposure, saturation, sharpness and other features.

In addition, you can add filters and effects similar to those found in Instagram and Snapchat that make the photos better with just a touch of the screen. The Mix is ideal for anyone looking for an app to be an alternative to Photoshop on the mobile devices. To learn how to use it to edit the photos that you've taken on your smartphone, follow the step-by-step guide below.

Step 1. Download the Mix app. After downloading and installing, open the app and tap the "Edit" option to view all the photos on your phone.

Step 2. Touch the album where the photo you want to edit is located. Then touch the image so that it opens in the Mix.

Step 3. With the photo on the editing screen, tap on the "Cut" option, select one of the trim options and use your fingers to define the area of importance of your image. Then click "Filter".

Step 4. Select one of the filter options and tap on one of the standards offered by the application. Proceed with editing by touching the "Edit tools" option.

Step 5. Use the image editing options to reset exposure, contrast, saturation, and other parameters. Touch the "FX" option if you want to add a new filter to the image. Then go to "Texture".

Step 6. Color filters can be added in the image so that it receives colored light. Go to "Erase" to use the options to blur the application if you want to blur the background or objects in the scene. Proceed to "Curve".

Step 7. Use Curve mode to change colors selectively. Each color channel is represented by a small circle that can be dragged with the fingers on the screen. Then touch "Split Tone" to edit the hue and saturation of your photo. To finish, touch the "Save" option.

Step 8. The Mix allows sending the edited photo to the social networks, on the cell phone and send via online messengers to friends. In addition, the created edits pattern can be saved and used in other images.