Neuromod Locations and How They Work - Prey (2017)

In Prey, the production of neuromods is very brutal. Criminal offenders, who face the death penalty, are exposed in a cell with a mimic. He attacks the convict, kills him, and then multiplies. The group of Mimics is then lured into a recycler, producing extremely rare materials for the production of neuromods. In Prey, you can improve your powers and abilities with them, and there are also talent trees in the fields of scientists, technicians and security. You can also improve the pure human skills, which protect you from the threats, especially at the beginning.

Neuromod's Department - New Roman Counties

In this area, your adventure starts and you learn the basic mechanisms of the game. You can get directly the first Neuromods.

- January: When you receive the Gloo Gun from January, you will also receive an item that will allow you to take up your newbloods. Follow the instructions received and you will get your first newcomer.

- Security Area: You have to hack into this area and hack another computer there. As soon as you enter the area you are released, you must examine the first room and you will find a corpse under stairs, which will give you a new romance.

- Volunteer Quarters: Search the tables in the Neuromod installation room for another newcomer.

- Fabrication: In the course of the first steps you will find plans for neuromods which you can produce at the factory.

Talos 1 Lobby - Locations of Neuromods

You can find 19 Neuromods in the lobby. Search the following locations:

- Neuromod Division Entrance: Beside the body of Nash Underwood you find the two neuromods in an act bag. Attention: This only works in the demo.

- TanStar Exhibit: In the northern area of the room you will find a new death on a display.

- Morgan Yu’s Office: Next to the main terminal you'll find three newcomers on the table.

- Psychotronic Entrance: Search the locked safe for all four neuromods.

- I.T. Security: In a closet in an adjacent office you will find a newcomer.

- Trauma Center: Go to the surgery table and examine the body of Luther Glass for a new death.

- Trauma Center: Investigate the safe of Dr. Hendrik DeVries in his office. You will find three neuromods.

- Sales Division: Behind the desk of Yuri Kimura's office you can find four novelties.

Machine Shop - Sites of Neuromods

We continue in the machine shop. There are several novelties here and you can gradually get more and more abilities to avoid being too fast to mimic food.

- Director Thorstein’s Office: As soon as you enter the machine shop, you can reach the second floor with your Gloo Gun and enter the office there. Here you find two Neuromods in an act bag.

- Security Zone: Once you are in this room, you should turn left and see some glass displays in the hallway. There you find a newcomer.

- Atrium: Go to the second floor (use the "Gravity Well") and look for a large statue. Behind it you will find a fire alarm, which you have to do three times, so that a hidden safe can be seen behind it. You will find newcomers.

- Demonstration Stage: In the middle of this room you find an act bag with a new romance.

- Machine Shop: Use the computer to move the containers. In the middle of the action he will fall and reveal a body. This has a neuromod.

- Storage room: In the machine shop you can see a hole on the ceiling. Over this you come to the storage room, where you are awaiting a new death.

Psychotronics - Locations of Neuromods

In the field of psychotronics, the search for neuromods continues. These are the places of discovery:

- Security area: Look for the bathrooms in this area. There you will find a hole that will take you to a tunnel. In this you have to destroy barricades with your Gloo Gun, which block you the way. In the end you will find a body that will give you a new romance.

- Dr. Kelstrup's Safe: You will find this novelty in the course of the story.

- Morgue: Here, you will fins another Neuromod.

- Arsenal: Can you get a code for additional newcomers? This is also part of the quest line.

- Behavioral Biometrics: Check the table near the typhon lock module for several neuromods.