Prey (2017): Smuggler’s Ring Dead Drop Locations

In Prey, you’ll find six dead drops, which are hidden all over the Talos I. The dead drops are small safes, over which a red alarm bell hangs, over which in turn a red light burns. You can easily see the unload points on these features. Once you've spotted such a dead letterbox, you'll have to pull your pipe tongs and hit the alarm bell three times to open the vault. You will get this note, too, if you listen carefully to Lily Morris's TranScribe.

You'll find the first dead drop right above the corpse of Lily Morris. The safe always contain a new romance and when you open all six, you can earn a total of six neuromods. The conclusion of "Smuggler’s Ring on the Talos," incidentally, important for the successes and trophies of Prey. Once you've found all the dead drops, you're freeing up the "Black Market".

The six hidden breakpoints can be found in the following locations:

Arboretum: Directly over the corpse of Lily Morris, where the mission also starts.

Crew Quarters: After entering the fitness area on the right side of the wall. You must first get the code for the fitness area at the concierge terminal, or you can drop in the yellow tulip through a hole in the ground to the fitness area.

Lobby: Left on the wall next to the entrance to the toilets.

Lobby: Immediately after entering the TranStar exhibition, turn left at the wall.

Machine Shop: In the atrium on the second level to the right of the statue.

Cargo Bay: In the office of Sam Hertz on the second level of the cargo area.

Note! You sometimes need to use your GLOO cannon to reach certain dead drops, as they are sometimes very high. You cannot visit all of the detachment points until you are able to move freely on the Talos I during the main mission "Before I give you the key".

All Dead Drop Locations

The following YouTube video shows you once again all the locations of the dead drops in detail.