Prey: Find and Kill Every Human on the Talos I

In Prey, to get the achievement I and It you have to find and kill all 42 human on Talos I. If you want to find people on the Talos I, the Security Stations in each of the areas are a good starting point. Here you can list all crew members under "crew" and track them thanks to their tracking bracelets. Select certain people to display them as a target marker on the map. You also see in each person whether he is alive or not.

The following must be observed:

- Everyone must die by your hand - you must land the final blow, leading to death. If you want to be safe, use a Gun.

- This also includes people who are controlled by others. It is especially difficult for them, because when they run towards you and their head explodes, this does not count as a kill for you. So shoot first from a safe distance with the Disruptor Stun Gun on them and then shoot them with the Gun.

- Rescue Dr. Igwe in the storyline from the Cargo Container in the outside area and kill him when you meet him.

- Danielle Sho is an exception. You cannot kill him and he does not count for success, so you can ignore him.

- You must have found and killed 36 people before completing the "Before I Give You The Key" mission. Only then NPC Dahl will give you the "Show Initiative", where he can find the rest of the people. If you don’t have the mission of Dahl here, then you have missed a kill and you have go back to start an older game or start a new game.

NOTE! You can see in the statistics of the game at any time how many people you have already killed. Especially if you are not sure about the alien-controlled people, you should take a look into the statistics after every kill. In addition, regularly set up manual gameplay so that there are no nasty surprises.

- Trevor J. Young: An alien-controlled man in the Quarantine of the Trauma Center. This area is reached via level 2 of the lobby.

- Frank Jones and Emmanuella DeSilva: You can interact with the Escape Pod Bay in the shuttle bay to kill them both. In the shuttle bay you arrive opposite the main elevator in the lobby. You'll get the key for this from January, when you watch the second video in your office.

- Aaron Ingram: You find as a test subject in psychotronics. Using the computer, you can hunt Mimics at him or open the cage and kill him.

- Arboretum: In the greenhouse you will find three strangely controlled people: Rodney S. Poole, Roni Chaudhary and Mickey Pitt Sr.

- Employees: A total of 18 people are controlled. Kill them yourself, before they run on you and their heads are exploding. Make sure you have a lot of gameplay!

- Will Mitchell alias Luka: The kitchen chef in the crew quarters. Shoot him through the window.

- Dr. Igwe: Save him in the course of the main mission "This Side Up" from the outside and kill him when you meet him in person.

- Sarah Elazar And Seven Security Guards: Meet her during the main mission "Shipping and Receiving" in the cargo area. Altogether there are eight people.

- Mikhaila Ilyushin: Meet her at the power plant when you get access to the coolant chamber in the course of the story. She sits on the floor in the office opposite the lock to the outside.

- Life Support: Here you meet four people who are controlled by others. However, only if you have killed all 36 people up here and have received the "Showing Initiative" initiative by Walter Dahl.

- Walter Dahl: You’ll meet him after completing the Showing Initiative quest.

- Alex Yu: You meet him at the end of the game in front of the bunker in his office.