Prey (Game): Best Powers and Abilities

In Prey, weapons are rare or at least the ammunition can go out. For this reason, it is advisable to focus on the forces. In the game, you will find newcomers and these allow new skills to be unlocked. In the beginning you have a lot of human powers at your disposal, but later you can access Typhon skills and then it becomes really exciting.

The use of typhon abilities sometimes attracts the attention of the aliens, especially the nightmare typhon. The more Alien Neuromods you install, the more you are also perceived by the guns of the Talos as Typhon . They will attack you some time. So be careful and decide which alien powers you want to activate. You probably don’t need it all.

But there are good reasons why these skills should not be ignored. For example: opponents are transformed into items, as well as the Mimic,. You can also learn your ability through a simple pinstripe in the eye. This ability is then called Mimikry and allows you to transform into a small object and get into a room through small openings. In addition, you can "cross-match" enemies. Combine your mimicry with kinetic explosion, you can even reach elevated positions.

In addition, you can combine some of these forces with the Gloo Cannon. For example: with the foam you set a group of these nimble little mimics and throw a thermal bomb on this grouping - BOOM! The opponents are all dead.

If you want to deal with the abilities, you will consume Psi, which is why the essential forces are ether absorption and thermal absorption. These allow you to convert 50% of a particular damage taken into Psi. This can save your life in one place or another.

Abilities can be combined and that is the keyword. As with Dishonored, you can also use the skills of Prey to complement them. Here you can let your creativity run wild.

All Abilities at a Glance

Human abilities are very important because they allow you to perform basic actions. For example, you can handle hacking and security measures - sounds a bit like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. You can also improve the effectiveness of the medication and increase your strength so you can lift heavy things and use them as weapons. Therefore, don’t, underestimate these possibilities and calmly devote a large part of your attention to them.

We are concentrating on the Typhon forces, because their use, as mentioned, has consequences and therefore one must choose here. Below is a table of all alien skills. Leave us a comment and tell us what skills you find and use.

Forces In The Energy Seam

Kinetic Explosion: A physical explosion is generated. All within 5 meters will take up to 70 damage. Upgrade increases the damage and the effect.

Anti Gravity Field: A 7 meter high pillar of energy is generated and keeps enemies trapped for 15 seconds. Upgrade increases  the height of the column.

Electrostatic Burst: Cause up to 25 damage within 3 meters. Electronic equipment is also disturbed, robotic targets are stunned for 3 seconds and organic for 2 seconds. Upgrade increases the damage and the duration of the anesthetic.

Electrostatic Resistance: You will suffer 50% less damage from electric attacks. Raises anesthetic.

Electrostatic Absorption: 50% of the electrical damage suffered is converted to Psi.

Thermal Bomb: Generates a trap that causes up to 80 fire damage when triggered within 4 meters. Upgrade increases the damage and the effect.

Thermal Resistance: 50% less damage from fire attacks.

Thermal Absorption: 50% of the fire damage is converted to Psi.

Forces In The Transformation Tree

Mimicry: Take the shape of an object near you. You can move around. Consumed 2 Psi the second. Upgrade can turn into more complex machines.

Regeneration: When you suffer damage, you regenerate immediately up to 10 health. Upgrade increases the amount.

Phantom Shift: Move quickly 6 meters further and leave behind for 4 seconds. Upgrade Phantom Shift to increase the distance and the duration.

Aether Resistance: 50% less damage from Aether attacks.

Ether Absorption: 50% of the Aether damage taken is converted to Psi.

Phantom Genesis: Human corpses become phantoms and fight for you. The phantoms become stronger when upgrade.

Forces In The Telepathic Space

Backlash: Generates a shield for 20 seconds to protect you from the next attack. Attacking enemies are thrown back. Upgrade increases the number of attacks that are repelled.

Fear Resistance: The duration of fright effects is reduced by 25%.

Psychoschock: Attack biological targets, causing 45 damages. Neutralize Psi abilities for 10 seconds. Upgrade increases the damage and the duration of the neutralization.

Typhon Control: Biological opponents will be friendly and fight for you for 20 seconds. Liberate people from typhon control. Upgrade increases the time.

Remote Manipulation: Remove remote objects and interacts with devices from up to 10 meters away. Upgrade improves the range.

Machine control: Robotic opponents will be friendly and fight for you for 30 seconds. Upgrade increases the time.