Prey: Treasure Hunt Map Locations and Solve all Puzzles

The background of the treasure hunt is a Pen and Paper RPG, played by five Talos I crew members. Abigail Foy has designed four treasure maps, which the four other crew members are looking for code numbers that ultimately reveal a treasure. However, since the game was interrupted by the Typhon, it is now up to you to complete this mission.

Find the Maps - Start Treasure Hunt

The starting point for the treasure hunt is the crew quarters. Here you can start the quest on the computers of Abigail Foy, Emma Beaty, Danielle Sho, Zachary West or Elias Black by reading the appropriate e-mail.

You should first look for all the treasure maps that are located in the following locations:

Emma Beaty' s Treasure Map (Rosalyn Swift)

You get this from Emma Beaty, who is as an externally controlled person in the fitness area. You will get the code for the area directly next to the concierge's computer. You can also go one floor higher into the Yellow Tulip and go through a hole in the ground to get into the fitness area. Then release Emma Beaty from the thought control or kill her to take the map.

Danielle Sho’s Treasure Map (Melindra Shadowcorner)

You must go to the Data Center and enter Danielle Sho's laboratory on the second level. Here you can download the treasure map on to your computer.

Zachary West’s Treasure Map (Hordinbaffle Flagdastreous)

You will probably have picked up this treasure map before the start of the quest. It is at the body of Zachary West, which is in front of the entrance to the data center. In the course of the story, you will pass by here automatically, as Zachary carries the key to the crew quarters.

Elias Black’s Treasure Map (Captain Stabfellow)

This map will be returned directly to the crew. Go to the second level of the leisure area, where you will find it on the large table. Here you’ll find five players are playing their rolling game.

Each of the maps will guide you with their clues to a number of four-digit codes, which you must end up with the Abigail Foy computer to receive the reward.

Puzzle Solutions Of The Treasure Maps

The treasure maps show you an area somewhere on the Talos and the eye with the view area also shows you where you have to stand to discover the corresponding number on the wall. Look at the number best by the scope, until you get a corresponding target update at the top left for the mission, only then it is counted as discovered. The individual puzzle solutions of the treasures are as follows:

Emma Beaty: Enter the cargo bay about the life assurance and go directly to the left. You can see the number on the wall in front of you.

Danielle Sho: You must go to the G.U.T.S. area, which is best to enter the cargo bay. Then go to the bottom of the pipe and look for a door at the end of the tunnel, which leads you into the fuel station of the shuttle dock. Jump over the destroyed bridge and you spot the number here in the right corner.

Zachary West: You must go to the water treatment plant in the life preservation. From the cargo bay, you can go down to the bottom of the main lift to get to the right of life. In the water treatment plant you can see the number big left at the back of the wall.

Elias Black: This number is very close to the location of the map. Just go back to the entrance of the crew's quarters and up the stairs to the left. Here you can enter a small room with a recycler on the left. You can see the number right after you enter.

Attention! Do not try to cheat and enter the numbers only if you have actually discovered them and were in the appropriate places. Otherwise, you will get a debuff that decreases your creep speed and weakens the intensity of your flashlight.

Reward For Treasure Hunting

If you've successfully entered the code to Abigail Foy's computer, you'll get the "Adventurer's Backpack v1.X Chipset Maker Plan". This is a new chipset for your suit, which you can produce at the factory. For the production you need 3x mineral material and 2x synthetic material.

The suit chipset is extremely handy and gives you the following bonuses:

- More yield during recycling.
- Increased chance of critical hit with the pipe tongs.
- A more efficient torch.
- Faster crawl through tight spaces.