The Surge: Best Spots to Farm Tech Scrap

In The Surge, with the help of tech scrap you can increase your core level in service stations at the MedBay and thus increase your level. With each further step increases cost you more tech scrap. In this guide, we will show you some of the best Tech Scrap farming methods so that you can strengthen your character fast.

Unlike in comparable Souls games, you can also save your tech scrap and don’t have to carry it always with you under risk. You can save your currency at the MedBay of the service station. So your scrap metal is safe.

But how can you quickly farm a lot of tech scrap?

- As soon as you enter a service station, all enemies re-spawn and you can start a new farm round.

- Always look for small pyramids that glimmer in golden color. These are scrap heaps, which you can use to get tech scrap. This is done through the menu via Organizer - Consumables. The scrap heaps are available in different stages with different amounts. From Mk. I you get about 200 tech scrap, while Mk. IV gives you 900 tech scrap.

- If you want to effectively farm tech scrap, you should pay attention to your multiplier. Any enemy you do with a finisher increases the multiplier by 0.10. After five successful finishers, you can reach a multiplier of 1.50. You will get 50% more scrap metal for more defeated enemies. However, the multiplier is reset when you enter a service station.

Note! Hit the unprotected, blue body parts to quickly destroy enemies. However, you should aim at an armored body part before a finisher. With some practice you get not only tech scrap but also crafting material.

Abandoned Production: Farm spot in the first level

In the first level "Abandoned Production" you can effectively farm Tech Scrap.

- Jump from the service station over the railing and head to the factory.

- Here you can do four enemies and on the left in the big tunnel there is still an opponent who is guarding a scrap yard.

- There are more enemies in the building that you can take one after the other. As a matter of fact, your multiplier is quite high, so you can increase your scrap metal yield.

- Now leave the building and return to the service station, where you can bank your collected Tech Scrap.

Repeat this method over and over again until you have collected enough tech scrap for your needs.

You will also need tech scrap for making armor and upgrading weapons and items. To do this, you use the assembly unit, the tech scrap and other components to new armor parts, which you can then attach to your rig.