The Surge: Duty Bound: help Irina and Unlock Achievement

Irina Beckett is the lady that you will meet in the second area of The Surge. She says she needs a staff. This is just the first stop on your way to the Duty Bound achievement. The journey is by no means finished with giving the staff, for the lost soul still has to reach its goal.

Duty Bound: First Encounter

The first time you meet Irina Beckett when you wander around in the second area. You spot the conveyor belt center and there a staircase that leads down. Look at the picture. It shows you which staircase is meant. Run down and you can talk to Irina for the first time. When asked "What are you looking for?", She tells you about the staff. The reinforced tube will not have it, so make your way to find the right staff.

- Your next stop is the guard in manufacturing complex B, who you have to defeat. You have to knock down the staff. The picture shows you a possible location of the guard right at the beginning of the second area.

- As soon as you have taken the MG Negotiator weapon, the staff will move into your inventory, which Irina would like to have. In the course of the game, you will meet other guards with the MG Negotiator.

- Go back to Irina and give her the staff. This makes her happy.

Duty Bound: Second Encounter

You’ll meet Irina again in the production complex B in the circulation tower. Take the stairs up in the picture and talk to her again. Here, nothing else will happen, so just finish the conversation again.

Third Encounter

The third encounter with Irina takes place at your Save house in the second area. Leave it and go left. Irina is leaning against the parapet. Talk to her again. She tells you about a big thing, a safety offense and that she is now in factory protection.

Choose "I can help you" in the conversation and she will tell you that she needs parts of the equipment. What she wants from you is the following:

- A Gorgon Head Gear
- A Gorgon Leg Gear
- A Gorgon Body Gear

Make these armor parts and bring them to Irina.

Fourth Encounter

The last time you meet Irina on the board level. Here you will finally find out what is really going on. Since we don’t want to spoil too much with the details, we will show you just the picture where you’ll find Irina.