Unlock Gold Mario, New Character in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

To unlock the new character Gold Mario in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, you have to fulfill several tasks. More specifically, you must not only complete all races but also win in tough conditions. They have it in themselves, but in the end you will be wowed by a brilliant hero and a lot of prestige when you see other players with the Gold Mario.

In the game, you must win the gold trophy in each cup with 200cc. This is really not easy and therefore we give you some useful tips to help make your adventure little bit easier. In the 200cc games you have to use your maneuvers precisely and are permanently threatened by the other drivers. For a first taste, let us show you the states of the Gold Mario:

Acceleration: 1
Speed: 8
Ground Speed: 8
Ground Handling: 3
Weight: 10 (class: Heavy)

Gold Mario Tips

Use your mushrooms at the right moment. Through the speed boost you can do a few meters well, but it is much more helpful if you dodge the blue turtle tanks with the mushrooms. If you meet them, then you are in a bad situation. However, you can success with your tempo boost. So try to get to the top of the riders' field quite early, because you can get less items there than in the middle field.

Touch the difficulty level. If you enter directly at 200cc, it will probably be little successful to unlock the Gold Mario. Therefore, a few practice rounds at lighter stages, and at which sections it becomes particularly tricky. In addition, you should be familiar with the new boost level. With this, you can get a tempo boost in particularly long bends as soon as your bikes begin to spray violet sparks.

In addition, you should always protect yourself with tanks and bananas, so that you can repel the competition in difficult moments. Otherwise the unlock of the Gold Mario depends on your driving skill. If you don’t find the right hero, then you can unlock the Gold Mario gradually.