Albion Online: Defeat All Five World Bosses / Guardians Guide

In Albion Online, you will encounter five Guardians: Old White, Ancient Ent, Rock Giant, Enormous Dryad and Ore Colossus. These are world bosses and if you manage to defeat them you will get 2,560 resources of Tier 6. Consequently, you will also find bosses at resource level 6 hotspots. They respawn after 12 to 48 hours.

How to Defeat the Guardians!

You can defeat a Guardian only in the group, you need 10 players, and each boss needs a different tactic. You should be quick in the fight, because after 15 minutes a boss becomes enrages and that makes him even more difficult to defeat.

It is helpful to unblock the Master Reaver on the destiny board, which gives you a further 60% bonus on attack and defense boost in the fight against a guardian.

You will encounter the following five bosses in Albion Online

Old White

- Hit Points: 904, 849
- Auto Attack Damage: 3, 000 (physical) With every one who stands in front of the old Whites.
- Avalanche: Anyone hit by the stones cast by the boss suffers 2,750 magic damage and is pushed back 15 meters.
- Spirit Stampede: The mammoth summons 3 spirits, who cross each other in their way, thereby causing 3,750 magical damage and repulsing their victims 15 meters.

Old White Boss, Battle

Ancient Ent

- Hit Points: 922,591
- Auto Attack Damage: 2, 892 (physical)
- Piercing Roots: Thorny branches appear 8 times every 1.3 seconds, causing not only 1,250 physical damage but also 375 damage for each hit.
- Nasty Roots: The deprived and injured the tank and nearby players. Each tick causes 1,000 magic damage for a total of 10 ticks. This can only be stopped with the Interrupt skill.

Ancient Ent, Boss Battle Guide

Rock Giant

- Hit points: 878,236
- Auto-attack damage: Ranged attack, 3,750 physical damage to each victim.
- Earthquake: The rock giant pounds to the ground, which inflicts 2,500 physical damage on a radius of 20 meters. Those who are 10 meters or less from the rock giant suffers a further 6,250 damage
- Rock Prison: All players with a ranged or magic weapon are completely anesthetized and receive 500 damage every three seconds (for a maximum of 15 seconds). To free them, you have to destroy the stones.
- Giant Kick: The rock giant enters the primary tank. The target, and all others within a radius of 3 meters, suffer 2,500 physical damage and are felled 15 meters.

Rock Giant, Albion Online, Boss Battle Guide

Enormous Dryad

Hit points: 860,494
Auto Attack Damage: 3,818 (physical)
Eroding Swamp: Directs 2,500 magic damage at the beginning and places deadly debuff on its target. Each time the debuff is charged, the speed is reduced by 20% for 20 seconds, 10% less threat is generated, and the debuff distributes 250 damage per second for a total of 19 ticks.
Pulsing Thorns: Thorns orbit the Dryad, allowing the target to silence the target for 15 seconds and hit 1,250 magical damage every 3 seconds for a total of 6 ticks.
Double Cleave: All players in front of the Dryad get 2,500 magic damage.

Enormous Dryad, Albion Online, Boss battle Guide

Ore Colossus

Hitpoints: 895,978
Auto Attack Damage: none
Giant’s Punch: The colossus rams his fist into the ground, causing 3,800 physical damage to the tank. This also causes crystal resonance. This debuff pulls players closer to the tank every 8 seconds for 4 ticks. The hit of the giant also has a 50% chance to summon a straight line of four exploding crystals. These cause any explosions with a damage of 3,000.
Crystal Swarm: Each player within a radius of 30 meters around the ore colossus receives a crystal bomb. This explodes after 2.5 seconds and deals 3,000 magical damage to the target and each within a radius of 4 meters.

Ore Colossus, Albion Online, Boss Battle Guide