Arms: Switch Motion Controls, Commands, Character Guide / Tips

The Arms is a fighting video game released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. The game has two different control schemes: by motion via Joy-Con unplugged, or by means of fixed joysticks, such as the Pro Controller. Each of them has its own commands, benefits and limitations.

Motion controls are harder to pick up, but more accurate. Move by tilting the Joy-Con to one side, jump with R, run L, press ZR or ZL for the special hit, cross your arms to lock or push both arms forward to grab.

In traditional control, jump with X, run Y, use B or ZL to punch left arm, ZR or A with right, hold L3 to block, use L or R to unlock the special ability and grab hold of A and B at the same time. In this system of controls it is impossible to move immediately after taking a punch, so be careful.

Whatever your choice, it's a good idea to practice a lot in Arms' different game modes. You can only play ranked online multiplayer matches after zeroing the Grand Prix mode on difficulty four.

Fighter Tips

Each Arms character has his or her own strengths and weaknesses, so play with everyone and try hard until you find your favorite character. Spring Man is dangerous when he gets less than a quarter of a life, because his arms are always loaded with elemental attacks.

Ribbon Girl has the best aerial mobility, being able to jump up to four times in the air in one jump. Ninjara, on the other hand, is able to teleport in mid-air, in addition to performing a teleportation after a successful blockade.

Master Mummy recovers energy while blocking, and can withstand any normal punch without being stunned. If Min Min executes an elbow while bouncing, she will perform a lethal rotating kick.

Twintelle has a great throw, capable of causing 160 damage to each thrust, as well as charging in mid-air while dodging. Mechanica can glide for a few seconds by holding the jump button, as well as holding up the damage with his armor.

Kid Cobra has the slightest dodge in the game, and the best shot, which deals 170 damage. Helix, on the other hand, is the only character capable of stretching his own body vertically by holding the jump button, or squatting with the dodge button.

Byte & Barq are the only pairing available in the current cast of the game. The puppy is CPU controlled and will do anything to block attacks using his body, but he can be stunned for up to five seconds. Try to jump on your head to create a force field and jump high.

In addition to mastering the characters, you need to practice a lot with the dozens of different arms available for selection. At the beginning of all fights, you can select one power for the left arm, and one for the right arm.

To release more options you need to make money and then participate in a minigame. In the initial menu, click on "Get Arms" and, inside, spend at least 30 coins to enter the game, which has limited time dictated by your spending.

Earning Money And Arms

In the Get Arms minigame, try to break as many targets as possible until a surprise box appears flying in the background. Break it quickly, as it is she who will carry her new arm, which is randomly selected.

The best way to farm quick money in Arms is to play Versus modes a lot in quick fights, as each win wins cash prizes. Alone or with friends, practice a lot in basketball and volleyball modes to add coins effortlessly.