Best Free Motocross Racing Games for Android / iOS - 2017

Motorbike / Motocross simulator racing games are available for free download for Android and iOS devices. From more traditional versions to innovative and fun games such as Mad Skills Motocross 2 and Trials with colorful graphics, lots of customization options and creative clues. Check out our best motorcycle racing games for mobile phones.

Mad Skills Motocross 2

One of the most played Android and iOS games of the category. Mad Skills Motocross 2 focuses on multiplayer to attract players, and does a great job. With beautiful and colorful 2D graphics, the game puts players side by side on uneven slopes with gigantic ramps and loopings.

In total there are 11 different motorbikes with customizable attributes and appearances. The game also gets constant updates with previously unreleased tracks and special online events that bring experience and new items.

Trials XTreme 4

Another motocross game from the popular Trials, XTreme 4 is a great alternative for fans of the genre. With rich 3D graphics and complex and creative clues, the game must be a tough challenge even for the most experienced.

There are more than 70 unique arenas, where virtual pilots can play solo, or challenge users from around the world. Bikes can still be customized with parts that alter the performance and the look.

Trials Frontier

Ubisoft's popular motocross game franchise has a whimsical version for mobile phones. Following the simple and intuitive controls system of previous titles, Trials Frontier abuses wild and trapping scenarios.

The game comes with more than 250 lanes, the goal is to speed up to finish the routes as fast as possible. For this, players can unlock and turbine over 15 different bikes, and perform special missions.

Bike Rivals

Bike Rivals bets on the creativity and references to famous games in the design of its tracks, quite impressive. The game has simple graphics that guarantee good performance on all types of devices.

Another advantage is the options of motorcycles, which go far beyond traditional models. The machines can also be tuned with nitro to accelerate even deeper into complex passages.

2XL MX Offroad

Unlike most competitors, 2XL MX Offroad features graphics and three-dimensional gameplay, referring to motocross games released for consoles and PCs. Besides the impressive look, the title has good gameplay.

One of the highlights of the game is its campaign mode, which allows players to start a career and advance through tournaments at increasingly higher levels of difficulty. Various bike models and improvements can also be obtained.

Bike Racing 3D

Don’t be fooled by the translation of the Words Mobile game title. Bike Racing 3D is actually a motocross game. One of the most downloaded of the genre, the app has a full career mode and 60 different tracks.

This is one of the most competent "clones" of Trials, with very precise and similar controls to the famous game. The tracks also refer to the classic tracks of the first versions of the game, and should give nostalgia to the fans.

Stickman Trials

Stickman Trials arrived for smartphones as a fun option of motocross games. The characters can be completely customized with hats, clothes and other accessories, as well as bikes.

There are more than 150 unique tracks, which players can face solo races, online contests and daily challenges, which guarantee money for new items. Stickman Trials also has good graphics, and works well on older phones.


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