Beyond Good and Evil 2: What We Know So Far

The classic adventure Beyond Good and Evil gets a follow-up game. We have a first cinematic trailer for the announcement of the new game here for you.

Most of you will hardly remember, but there was a time when faces in video games were much more angular and not everything was solved with a pure weapon. Female main characters were (besides Lara Croft) a rarity. In 2003, Beyond Good and Evil was released, an action adventure that set new standards.

A mixture of adventure and stealthgame provided with a gripping action for the fact that the game is also anchored in the minds of the gamers after 14 years. Instead of weapon violence, the protagonist and reporter Jade had only her camera to fight against enemies.

In a more detailed analysis video on the first trailer, developer Michel Ancel reveals even more details about the game. So Beyond Good and Evil 2 will be a prequel - the historical predecessor of the old game.

Obviously, Beyond Good and Evil 2 will have a multiplayer mode. The vehicles shown in the trailer can be occupied and controlled by several players. Depending on the position you are snapping, different actions are possible. A few hot pursuits are probably also with the part.

Towards the end of the trailer there is a little surprise. In close-up, you can see the face of a young lady with green eyes, who still suspiciously recalls Jade, the protagonist of the first installment.

It is not yet clear how far she is back from the game. However, for veterans this should be a pretty good emotional link to be able to find so many years later in the game world.

Those who have not played the classic Beyond Good and Evil should still have plenty of time to catch up.