Diablo 3: Rise of the Necromancer - Inarius set guide

In this guide, we deal with the Inarius Set of the Necromancer in Diablo 3. The set is currently considered the best and is used by top players of the ranking list for large Nephalem portals. This equipment will play along with the Necros' bone armor ability, which is heavily buffeted by additional items and the set bonus. We also use a legendary gem that has rarely been used in the Meta builds of Diablo 3.

Head - Inarius's Understanding
Shoulders - Inarius's Martyrdom
Amulet - The Traveler's Pledge
Torso - Inarius's Conviction
Wrists - Ancient Parthan Defenders
Hands - Inarius's Will
Waist - Dayntee's Binding
Legs - Inarius's Reticence
Feet - Inarius's Perseverance
Ring 1 - The Compass Rose
Ring 2 - Krysbin's Sentence
Weapon - Reilena's Shadowhook
Legendary Gems - Bane of the Trapped - Mirinae, Teardrop of the Starweaver and Pain Enhancer
Kanai's Cube - Trag'Oul's Corroded Fang, Aquila Cuirass and Krysbin's Sentence

Now we have listed the equipment and abilities for the best Necromancer build in Diablo 3. Now it's about how you deal with the objects and how you should use the abilities

The set-up of this set is of course the Inarius set with its 2, 4 and 6 set bonuses.

- These increase the damage of the bone equipment
- Provide a bonus of 2% damage reduction per enemy hit
- And let the Bone Armor additionally create a strong Whirlwind, which causes the hit opponent to suffer more damage from the Necromancer.

The 6-set bonus of the Inarius set characterizes the gameplay of this build. Usually you get a kind of shield around your body by the bone equipment. The bonus also turns this armor into a whirlwind that circles around you and deals damage to enemies. In addition, the tooltip states that opponents suffer 2750% more damage from the Necromancer when hit by the Whirlwind.

More damage refers to the damage of all sources of the necromancer - not only to special abilities but also the basis for the selection of the legendary gemstones, which we will introduce to you later.

To Distribute Damage

- As the main skill, we have the Grim Scythe, which reinforces the 6-set bonus of the set.
- The Bone Armor stuns struck opponents and deals damage to them. It also has a strong buff of 6 bonuses on enemies.
- The Corpse Lance now makes a lot of damage through the 6-set bonus. The skill uses a body nearby as a source for the lance. Through the grueling touch-rune we get a damage buff.
- The Land of the Dead ability has a high cooldown (2 minutes), but allows us to use skills such as corpse lances free of charge. You can, while the land of the dead is active, spam the corpse lance! In difficult battles, this extreme damage will help you fend enemies quickly. Through the "frozen land" rune, you also have a strong CC charm.
- Decrepify will permanently keep the Buff of Dayntee's binding. This tenacity is important for the fights in melee.
- Blood Rush is used to get faster through the rifts. However, the Rune gives us additional armor, so this spell should be used in difficult fights to buff the toughness.

Passive skills:

- Overpowering Essence ability increases the maximum essence by 40. This harmonizes with our weapon Reilena's Shadow Hook, which increases the damage based on the maximum essence.
- Blood is Power granted cooldown reduction if we get a lot of damage. This allows you to use the Damage Boost with Land of the Dead more often.
- Stand Alone double the armor and give us important tenacity.
- Spreading Malediction increases your damage for each opponent that is covered with a curse. In combination with Decrepify, we can greatly increase our damage.

The damage in detail

Apparently, we have a build that looks "quite okay". A lot of tenacity helps us in the Great Nephalemporals. Corpse lance without the support of land of the dead is very slow and not a reliable source of damage. And here are the legendary gems, which change a lot.

- Bane of the Trapped now belong to a lot of Meta builds and is one of the best legendary gemstones in Diablo 3.
- In our build, pain enhancers are reinforced by the 6 set bonus of the Inarius-Set and make this gem significantly stronger and an important part of the build.
- Mirinae, Teardrop of the Starweaver is a very special part of this build. The 15% chance to hit an opponent with a lot of damage is a match for our abilities. This hits a lot of opponents at the same time and increases the chance of a smashing. The damage of the gem is also reinforced by the 6 set bonus of the Inarius-Set. This makes this stone so very strong in this build.
- In combination with the pain enhancer, which increases our attack speed, the tear drop is even more effective.
- The armor can also trigger the effect of Mirinae when enemies are hit.

Toughness - Toughness is important in this Melee build for the Necromancer

With this build we belong to the Melee-Necromancers and stand in the opponents. Therefore, toughness is important.

- Aquila Cuirass provides for further tenacity, because we barely spend resources in this build and can almost always keep the effect active.

Through the toughness buffs and the harmony between equipment, abilities, and gems, you should advance well in large nephalem portals.