DJI Spark Review - Best Drone for Beginners and Home Use

DJI brings its cheapest and smallest handheld drone called Spark. Weighing only 300g, the mini drone is one of the first models that users can control by hand movements, plus the ability to quickly take it out of the backpack and take off with ease.

The design of the new model surprises: measuring only 14cm x 5cm, the drone weighs only 300g including camera and battery. For comparison purposes; this weight is less than half of Mavic Pro, also from the same manufacturer. These measures make possible something unthinkable with other casual use drone models. On the beach, on a trip or on a football game with friends, the Spark can easily and safely take off from the palm of the hand at the press of a button. It is also possible to make the drone land gently, back to the user's hand.

Through sensors that does an intelligent scan of the user's body Spark can receive commands through programmed gestures. It is possible to take photos, make maneuvers and move the drone only with the hands movements. After a while, you realize that the drone communicates with you using orientation lights. Each type of 'blink' has a different meaning: 'I took your picture', 'I started recording the video', 'I finished recording the video', etc.

The main camera features a 1 / 2.3 '' CMOS sensor (larger than the iPhone 7) that produces 12MP photos and records 1080p videos, ideal for sharing images with great social networking. It is important to highlight the two-axis mechanical gimbal of the drone, which with the help of UltraSmooth technology stabilizes camera images very efficiently.

The drones are nothing more than robots programmed to perform certain tasks. DJI Spark goes far beyond this concept, as it brings together intelligent technologies like the Flight Autonomy System (referencing system that uses a camera on the front, another on the bottom and an infrared sensor to recognize and avoid obstacles).In addition to this system, the drone has 3D sensors on the front, GPS dual-band, Glonass, an inertia meter and GPS and altitude sensors. They all work to ensure safer operation. It is also possible to follow the autonomous landing, when Spark's battery level drops to 10%. Speaking of drums, the flight range is 16 minutes and they take about 40 minutes to recharge.

The drone can also be controlled via the DJI GO application for Android and iOS, and by remote control (sold separately), which extends the possibility of reaching the Spark for a radius of 2km, and can monitor the live images in 720p And DJI Goggles, virtual reality glasses brand. With the remote control, it is also possible to activate the 'Sport' mode in which the drone can reach speeds up to 50Km / h.

With these specifications you can say that the DJI Spark is a drone suitable for home and casual use. More and more we will see these devices in the streets, in the same way that the action cameras are successful until today. Spark comes with five different colors: Green, blue, yellow, Red and white – with starting price of $499.