Elex is out in October with a Collector's Edition

Elex finally has a release date! There is some information about the contents of the editions and prices. The developers of the popular Gothic series go into a new setting and send you to the wrecked planet Magalan. The game promises a very comprehensive gameplay with familiar aspects.

Magalan was once a promising planet until one day it was hit by a powerful meteor. This destroyed many lives on the surface and left the element Elex. This now determines life on the planet, since it has enormous effects on the living beings and people have begun to fight because of the element. Different fractions with different motifs appear against each other.

Elex will be released for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on October 17. You play an offense, which must make its way over the planet and decide between the factions. The developers leave the player complete decision-making freedom, and there will certainly be some hidden phrases.

Elex will be available for the PC for US$ 49.99 and for the consoles for US$ 59.99. In addition, there is also a Collectors Edition for US$ 119.99. This special edition contains the following items:

- Elex
- A Quick start Manual (sounds normal, but with Piranha Bytes you can be sure that they put a lot of care in the manual)
- The Art of Elex book
- Making Of DVD
- The original soundtrack on CD
- Premium Quality Display Box
- Alb Mage Figurine
- Cloth World Map
- Companion Drone Amulet