FIFA 18 Promises More Fluidly with Better Responsiveness

FIFA 17 introduced major innovations to the EA’s football simulation franchise with a new engine and a new story mode. FIFA 18 is unlikely to keep pace with these innovations. Instead, this year's entry will build on the foundation of FIFA 17 and improve the most important thing.

According to EA Sports, FIFA 18 is the biggest step in gameplay innovation. Thanks to RealPlayer Motion Technology, there is a new animation system in the game, which should reach a new level of Responsiveness.

This is a wish that many FIFA fans have high up on their wish list: "If I press the Pass button, the player should react fast!"

With FIFA 18, this responsiveness is to be improved. Players should now react faster to your input. Each step represents a chance to change direction and execute a new action. You no longer have to rely on fixed animations that start and end.

While such an animation is running, you have no control over the player as a gamer. You have to wait for it to expire, so the player responds.

According to Matt Prior, FIFA 18 had done everything to improve the player's movements. They should react directly and not trigger animations.

In theory, the players in FIFA 18 are responding faster than before when you press a key. However, the size of the players on the pitch is also taken into account: Large players with long legs take big steps and therefore need longer to react. On the other hand, Messi or a Griezmann responsiveness are noticeable.