Friday the 13th: How to Level Up Fast - Farm CP / XP

In Friday the 13th: The Game, both Customization Points (CP) and experience points (XP) are linked. The more experience points you get, the faster you can perform Perks and Executions. The only problem is that you have to choose between the two options. So you cannot just give CP twice to Jason or your Counselor. If you buy skills instead, you can transfer these to all teenagers.

How to get CP (Customization Points)

CP you can get quite simply - and automatically. At each level-up you get 500 CP, which you can put into your characters. You also get a few CPs per round. Unfortunately, the executions of the Jason Variations cost a lot. If you have unlocked an execution here, they are partly transferred to other versions. However, some variations have their own kills, which you must buy separately. If you place the CP in your Counselor instead, you can always take the Perks to other survivors (for example when you unblock new teens).

You can also sell Perks to farm CP quickly. You get between 100 and 200 Customization points. So if you know that you will never use an ability, the sale is a good way to drop the dice again. The 500 points per level-up you don’t get in full, after you have ascended the level. Rather, they are distributed on a pro rata basis.

Level-up Fast and Get XP

As we now know, you must quickly level up to buy Perks and executions. So how do you get many experience points (XP)? The easiest way is to stay in the game even though you have died. In this case you get 500 XP for Completed Match. On the other hand, you can quickly leave the match when you are dead or have survived (and the 20 minutes have not passed or not all have escaped from the game). Then you can quickly turn into a round and get lots of XP.

If you stay in the game, you have the chance that another teen, Tommy will call Jarvis and you can play him. In that case, you get a good amount of points again. In addition, you can kill Jason, which gives you even more points, but of course is more difficult. The following list shows you what you get:

As Counselor

Offense - you have challenged Jason and attacked him. The XP number is variable.

Defense - You are well hidden and protected. For example 5 XP if you have a door barricaded.

Weapon - 10 XP

Called Police, something repaired, called Tommy Jarvis - 50 XP each

Survived a round without being hit once by Jason - 50 XP

Escaped - 200 XP, when you come out of the game alive.

Time Bonus - This number is variable. If you survive before the end of the round, you get points

Completed Match - 500 XP

As Jason

Person killed - 100 XP

Killed with Finisher - 20 XP (+ The upper 100 XP)

Completed Match - 500 XP

Generators destroyed / light switched off - 50 XP