Friday the 13th: Play as Jason - How to Kill Counselors

In Friday the 13th: The Game, as a serial killer you are quite powerful compared to the survivors. Nevertheless, tips for Jason Voorhees can be very important, as he will be the only one against all of them. Even if Jason is murdered by some movies, they usually don’t work well for him in the game. He dies in the end, goes to hell and returns. The serial killer is also important in Friday the 13th: The Game, because the different survivors can easily escape with the right tactics. It even gets worse, as the teenagers can kill Jason if they have the courage.

Tactics on Jason's Skills / Abilities

The more counselors you can kill in the game, the more experience points you get. They will hide from you, so you must be attentive. It can also happen that they attack you and knock out firmly. Don’t run blindly into any Situation, in which you suspect a possible kill. Instead, use your skills to help the unyielding teenagers. You can find different strengths and weaknesses in the different versions of the killer. Make your choice dependent on your playing style.

The skills of Jason load up with time. At the beginning of a game, this may take some time and after you use one of the abilities, it is covered by a cooldown. These skills are available to you with Jason:

- Sense: Through this ability, you can track down the counselor and see where they are. But if your goals enter a house, you only see that they are in it, but not their exact position. You can hide in the park in front of you and then surprise them.

- Shift: A classic among the characteristics of a killer. With Shift, Jason can go very quickly in one direction and surprise the Counselor. As you move quickly, you become invisible. This ability is very well suited to capture fleeing counselors and catch them individually. In the films you often ask yourself how Jason can appear so quickly in one place - the solution is Shift.

- Morph: This ability works even more effectively than Shift. With Morph, you can go to any point on the map by plane. A tip: Use this skill to get you to power boxes or escape vehicles.

- Rage: With this skill, Jason falls into anger and rage. He strengthens all other abilities and makes you so strong that you can overcome obstacles without effort. This ability is the strongest of the killer. You will unlock them at the end of the game and you should use them to hunt the last counselor.

- Stalk: Very untypical for the Jason. With Stalk, killer can sneak up on his victims. Normally, they raised certain music when the killer approached. With Stalk, this is switched off and you can approach softly. One of the most important tips for Jason is that his stalk is combined with shift, not only to overcome a distance, but to let your victims don’t even have an inkling.

If you've mastered all of Jason's abilities, you can make good tactics to get as many counselors as possible. We'll give you some tips to help you get the killer craft right.

While you can move around with a weapon of your choice, the surrounding area will become fatal. You can interact with different objects to eliminate the Counselor even more effectively. In many places there are ways to use more kill possibilities than the normal executions of Jason. These tips should help you with Jason.

- Context: If you have a Counselor, you can look around in your environment for interaction possibilities. This allows you to hang your victims on nails, crush their heads with a door, or drown them in the toilet. For such kills you even get additional experience.

- Grab: You can grab the teenagers in four different ways. After a certain time, you can kill them if they cannot get rid of your grip.

- Combat Stance: If you don’t want to wait lethargically for a counter-defense of the victims, you can take the fight. You do this by targeting the Counselor. However, activate this mode only if you are sure of a hit, as the teenagers are too quick and can evade your attacks.

- Sounds: So that you can find the survivors, you should pay attention to noise. They are displayed with circular symbols. You can capture almost all teen action, unless they are crouching.

- Additional weapons: If you look at certain places in the game world, you can discover additional weapons. These are also indicated by a circular symbol. If you are looking closely at your environment, you will find useful items such as throwing knives, etc.

- Throwing knives and traps: If you have something more fully equipped, you have some advantages. Use a throwing knife to damage your victims and slow them down. You can, however, simply drop it at the right place. As soon as a Counselor falls into a trap, a signal sounds and you should teleport to him.

- Window: Destroy as many windows as possible. If the survivors flee, they will suffer damage and you will be better off.

Jason slits and slams through the camp and with time more and more tips will appear. If you have some good hints, you can share them with us in the comments section.