How to Play Sandbox Mode in LEGO Worlds game

LEGO Worlds gets a free new update on PS4, Xbox One and PC, allowing free creation and modification in the new sandbox mode. In this mode, it is possible to create or develop items, buildings and even free form creatures, more or less closer to the original idea of the game. Since this mode does not accompany a tutorial, we will show you how to access and use the tool:

Step 1. Load your "save game" from LEGO Worlds and select the "Sandbox mode" option.

Step 2. Don’t load an existing world, select the "New Game" option.

Step 3. It is also not recommended to enter a world already created, select "Find a random world", which will serve as a playground for the sandbox.

Step 4. Then select "Go to the world".

Step 5. Wait for the loading until your doll is free in the new world.

Step 6. Select the build button to start building freely.

Step 7. Position, rotate and construct your desired structures, according to the resource available in this separate world of history.

Step 8. If you want to stop, don’t forget to go to the general menu and save your progress in "Save and continue", then continue building from where you left off.

Remember that in sandbox mode, only what you have already unlocked in history will be free to use. So it is best to finish the campaign, and then just go to the sandbox.