How to use WhatsApp emojis search on Android

The beta version of WhatsApp, the messenger, for Android has introduced the new emojis search feature. Android phones with the experimental variant installed already display a search field to insert words and find figures to add to the conversation.

The function is already available for the keyboard Gboard, the virtual keyboard of Google, but only now arrives at the messenger. Previously, the app displayed a magnifying glass button for GIFs only.

Guide on how to use WhatsApp emojis search on Android

Step 1. Make sure you are part of the WhatsApp Beta Program to upgrade the app to version 2.17.243 on Android.

Step 2. With the app updated, open a conversation and tap the emoji button. You will see a new magnifying glass icon in the emoji panel.

Step 3. Enter keywords to find emoji, such as "anger," "hug," "surprise," and "kiss."

Step 4. When you find the desired emoji, touch the symbol to insert in your message and send it normally in the chat.

The feature is an alternative for anyone who wants to find a specific emoji, but does not find it amid so many options. The feature is not yet available for everyone, but like almost all Beta news, it should be available soon in the traditional WhatsApp version for both Android and iPhone ( iOS ).