Major Changes Coming to Riders of Icarus this summer

Major Changes Coming to Riders of Icarus this summer

Fans of the free-to-play MMORPG Riders of Icarus can look forward to an interesting summer, because it brings a lot of changes to the game. Some of these innovations were already revealed.

More rewards

These changes include adjustments to the Auto-Attack function that you can now turn on and off. In Dungeons, you will be rewarded with Legendary Coins, which you can exchange for special equipment. In addition, daily quests were introduced to destroy the world boss, which also gives you valuable prey.

Best items can be craps

In another two weeks, another major update will follow. With this, the loot is reworked in the dungeons, giving you better chances of getting legendary items. The Fractura-Raid Dungeon also undergoes an overhaul, making it even more worthwhile to participate in this raid. The bosses are more demanding and the spoils are more valuable.

The changes to crafting, including the material costs and the success rate of making legendary items, are meant to make the best equipment in the game through crafting. Giftboxes are mainly intended to help newcomers get better.

With these changes, the developers of Riders of Icarus are hoping to give players a better playing time with more achievements and faster progress as well as more success stories.