Monster Hunter World: New Gameplay Walkthrough Video

The producers of Monster Hunter World have officially presented their new action role-playing game in the stream. The creator of the Kaname Fujioka series comes back to the game and will assume the role of the leading art director. Capcom has already confirmed Monster Hunter World is a main drag, which is basically "Monster Hunter 5".

In the stream, the developers explained that they chose the name "World" because it is a completely dynamic game with a living world.

The stream focused on the gameplay of Monster Hunter World and we are following a player who is on a quest. Of course he goes hunting for a dangerous monster.

But the monsters are also a threat to themselves. The food chain is noticed and a bigger monster can eat what exactly the player wanted for horns, bones or scales. It is possible to use its environment to bring the monsters to the track. Everything seems to react. The surrounding area consists of the "Monster Hunter" typical jungle, which has deep grottoes and caves.

In the course of the quest, a few other players join in and help in the fight.

What does the gameplay tell us?

- Monster Hunter World will play in a highly dynamic world where everything interacts with each other

- Monster Hunter World has a realistic ecosystem. Monsters hold onto the food chain and eat each other.

- Monsters are "smart" and can run away or track the player. This can lure them into traps.

- It is possible to use the environment to defeat monsters. Here, as an example, an exploding barrel was shown that destroys a dam and flushes the monster with the player.

- There will be "Scout-Flying" tracking monsters.

- There are drop-in multiplayer. The other players will join the first player in the middle of the quest.

- There are different types of weapons. In the gameplay-stream were shown: A large sword, a bow, a gun and a hammer.

It has also been mentioned that PlayStation Plus must be available if you want to play online.

Leya says: The stream had unfortunately a bad quality and nevertheless I watched tied up. The gameplay shown focused exactly on what I love Monster Hunter: Epic, long fights with cunning monsters that react to their environment.

The world seems, as usual, to have been designed with great attention to detail. It is possible to interact with everything and to get a plan for the monsters.