My Android Phone Won’t Connect to JBL Bluetooth Speaker

The JBL Bluetooth speaker is a device that can be connected to your Android smartphone without wire or cable and play you favorite music on Spotify or Google Play Music. However, some connectivity problems can prevent you from pairing with your device. The good news is that the following tips can help you to fix it simply and quickly.

Turn on Bluetooth Feature On Your Android Smartphone

- First, it is essential that the Bluetooth on your Android smartphone is turned on so the speaker can pair. Otherwise, your smartphone will not be identified. It is normal for certain apps to turn off Bluetooth on the phone to save battery power. To find out if your connectivity is enabled, go to the "Configure" menu in the apps menu and find the Bluetooth item.

- Activate the Bluetooth connection on the top switch (changing from gray to green). Note that the "B" icon of the connected Bluetooth will appear in the taskbar at the top of the phone.

- Your JBL Bluetooth speaker also needs to be in Bluetooth enabled mode to be identified by the smartphone. On devices that have multiple functions it is common for the user to choose the "Mode" button (or similar). Usually the speaker has an audible (or bright) warning that Bluetooth is ready to pair.

Tip: If the connection does not work on the devices, one trick is to disable and then re-enable Bluetooth on both devices to pair again. It is worth trying to disconnect the speaker also in this process, and turn on again.

Finding the Correct Bluetooth Device and Connect

- First, Open Configuration setting menu of the phone and then select "Bluetooth" in the network connections.

- The first step in finding your Bluetooth Speaker is to update the listing of devices around. To do this, press the top menu (indicated by three points) and select "Update."

- All devices with Bluetooth connected within range will appear in the list. It is worth remembering that most of the devices have a range of about 10 meters between devices. Select the item on your speaker (usually it appears with the model / manufacturer name). It will pair and then show the status of Connected.

Now just put to play your songs on the phone or Google Play Music for the audio to be transmitted in the Bluetooth box.

Reset Network Settings

- First, if the above procedure did not work then you have to reset the phone's network settings and this includes the Bluetooth settings. To do this, go to the Configure button on the mobile phone and then tap Backup and reset.

- Select Reset network settings and confirm with Reset Settings. This will not format your cell phone but will erase saved Wi-Fi passwords, paired Bluetooth, and more unique network actions.

- When the procedure is performed, turn the Bluetooth on the phone back on and try connecting to the JBL speaker as shown in this tutorial.


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