Paladins: New Champions Leaked: Astro, Lian and Owl

In Paladins, many champions are currently being released at short intervals. There will be a new character about every 3 weeks, and by August there should be a total of 30 heroes in the game.

In a recent datamining of the new OB 53 update, three new champions have been discovered: Astro, Lian and Owl. The probability is high that at least two of the three champions will be released during next few weeks.

From the datamining we can see the previous working titles of the champions. They are probably published under other names in the game. We can see in part from the datamining, with which characteristics and maps they will fight. Astro "shows strong support characteristics and can allied healing. Behind "Lian" who could also suspect a support and very little known about the "Owl".

Below we show you the details of the new champions. It is a datamining and the found data can still be changed.


At Astro it seems to be a futuristic character, which works among other things with light speed. First abilities and maps have already been found. Astro could become a supporter as he can heal allies. It also causes anesthesia and apparently has a lot of mobility.

Lian (Princess)

From earlier data it is clear that Lian has already been called Princess (Princess). She seems to have a rifle and can heal herself and her decay times. She also appears to have many mobility properties.

Studio Hi-Rez also called Paladins as a fantasy shooter and there are already a few figures that fit well into this niche. There are for example the Bomb King, His Majesty, the knight Fernando and the new champion Ash. There would be a princess fit into the series.


Owl could be a reference to an animal character. There was not much to find in the data about this champion. It could be that he uses two guns and grenades. Perhaps it is a damage spreader or flanker.

The following data was found for Owl:

- Rifle
- Sidearms - It seems as if Owl has two guns, between which the character shifts back and forth.
- Flashbang
- Space Time
- Quick Switch
- Flare

The information comes from Paladins OB-53 test server and the data was read from the "Smitedataming" page.