Raid Boss Battle Guide: Tips for Pokémon GO GYM new update

Pokémon GO GYM received a new update that revamped the mechanics of the gyms and brought a new raids system, as well as new rewards and items. To help you understand the changes and master the new update, we have compiled some useful tips in this tutorial.

The New Gyms Update

After installing the new Pokémon GO update (2017) you will notice a big difference in the layout and interface of the gyms that have changed form and function.

Now you can also visit gyms and rotate your point on the map to get items like Pokéballs and Potions. To do this, click on the gym and then on the symbol located in the lower right corner of the screen. Rotate the photo disc as shown in the image below:

The Power of Motivation

Now, Pokémon defend gyms by working with a motivation system. As soon as the little monster enters the defenders team of the place, his heart bar (the motivation meter) will be full, and he will maintain the position while he still has at least one motivation point remaining.

The problem is that the points are automatically drained over time, as well as losing fights for the challengers. If the creature is defeated by a rival when it has no points, it will lose its rank, so stay tuned.

Berries for strength

To defend a gym, it must be vacant or occupied by the team you chose, just as in the old version of Pokémon GO. To take up a gym, you need to remove all the motivation of your enemies, and then assign your own little monster there.

To do this, click the "Assign Pokémon" button and choose any of your collection. After that, monitor your motivation by clicking on the Gym. If it is falling, click on the berries to feed your friend as this process restores your motivation points.

New Rewards

After the upgrade, it became easier to win rewards for defending gyms. Each time your Pokémon is actively protecting the location, your trainer will earn a coin. Just remember that there cannot be two Pokémon of the same species in one gym at a time.

The balance will be automatically transferred to your account as soon as your little monster is removed from the gym by a rival. However, it is best to be careful because if he stays there for less than an hour, you will not earn a single cent.

Trainer - Gym Badges

When attacking enemies or protecting your own gym, your trainer will gain the new Pokémon GO GYM Badges. They begin at the basic level, but can be upgraded to the Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Each level brings more and better rewards by spinning the disk of items from the Pokémon of the Gym that yielded the badge. To improve your badges, give berries to the Pokémon that protect the gym or win fights at the Gym.


The gyms upgrade also brought an unprecedented Raids system in which coaches can work together to overcome complex challenges. Randomly, a large egg and a time marker will appear on gyms to warn that a Raid will begin.

Each Raid lasts up to five minutes and has a maximum of 20 players at a time. When you beat the Raid boss, you get rewards like Rare Candies, Golden Razz Berries and Technical Machines, so always take your little monster with higher CP to improve your chances of winning the duel.

During gym fights, the best strategy to win is to hit the rival until your special purple bar, located in the upper left corner of the screen, is full. At this point, hold the touch screen to strike a powerful blow. Also remember to slide your finger on the screen at the time of enemy blows to dodge.