Strange Brigade: New Gameplay video from E3 2017

Strange Brigade is a third-person shooter video game from the Rebellion Developments. The game takes you back to the thirties. The players are taking on the role of "exceptional gentlemen," a secret group of exceptional agents who fight for the British government.

In the game, they make the undead and magical beings, traveling around the world - which was done in the 1930s. It goes against mummies, zombies and a huge Minotaur.

Strange brigade is described as a mixture of "Left 4 Dead" and "Killing Floor", rather exaggerated and silly than really eerie and with a mood that can be cut with a knife.

The environment plays a big role in the gameplay, so you will be able to use traps. In addition, there is "easy puzzle solving", as it is said, and players can reinforce their equipment at workbenches.

Strange Brigade is a co-op shooter, which is likely to be the most fun when playing with friends. But there is also the possibility to fight side by side with bots, which are controlled by the AI.

Strange Brigade will release on PS4, Xbox One and the PC. An exact release date is not yet known.

Here is new gameplay footage from the E3 and featuring commentary from the lead artist Andy Pattinson and the chief creative Tim Jones.