Tekken 7: Beginner's guide - How to get started / tips

In Tekken 7, you will find many, different and unique characters who show their skills as fighters. You will meet old acquaintances, but also the new faces can be seen. First, you should select the fighters with whom you feel most comfortable and learn their fighting techniques. The combat system is very complex and offers many possibilities. In this guide, we will help you to master them.

In the game, one of the four attack buttons is assigned to each part of the body. There is a button for the left and right arm as well as the left and right leg. From the beginning, you should internalize this, as it helps you to understand the combat system better. If you are going to fight or combos, it is always important to know what part of the body you're struggling with. In combination with the directional buttons, you can then execute four different combos per attack button.

One of the biggest differences to other similar games like Street Fighter 5 is that in Tekken 7 you can move not only on a horizontal line, but also forward or backwards. If you press the directional key up or down, your character will move sideways around the opponent. So you can avoid attacks from enemies and attack them directly.

The camera moves directly with these movements, so you never lose the overview. If you tap the directional buttons quickly one after the other, you'll even make a step in the right direction. However, if you use an attack with a higher effect range, your enemies can also catch you despite this evasion. Especially online, so you should not avoid too often in this way, since you'll be very fast in your fighting way through.

Please note the following tips during the movement:

- Always try to keep track of your position in the arena, and don’t let yourself be pushed to the edge or wall of an arena. Here you are very easily defenseless of a combo of your enemy. So try to get back into the center by moving around your opponent and throwing him back with strong attacks.

- You can also sprint in Tekken 7 and run a Dash. Press the direction buttons to the opponent or move away from him to sprint. So you quickly get distances to your enemy. You can cancel these sprints at any time by tapping the directional key opposite the sprint. Sprinting is best done in the training mode.

To make the Tekken 7 system even more complex, new mechanics and functions have been integrated, which are mainly focused on turning the hand in combat. This is specifically the Rage Arts, Rage Drives and Power Crushs.

Rage Art: If your life track is almost consumed and you still have about 10% life energy, your fighter is wrapped in a red aura. This is the sign for you that you can perform a Rage type. This is a special maneuver, which causes a lot of damage. However, any kind of rage can be blocked and you are also vulnerable to counterattack.

Rage Drive: As an alternative to Rage Art, you can also activate the Rage Drive if you have the red Aura. Then look in the Move list of your character, so you know how to trigger the Rage Drive. The Rage Drive does not cause as much damage as the Rage type, but you are not so open here and you can also break the combos of your opponent.

Power Crush: This special technology requires perfect timing. With the Power Crush you can interrupt the combos of an opponent, if this attacks medium or high attacks. Conversely, your Power Crush is interrupted by low attacks and throws. After a successful Power Crush you can use a Rage Art or Rage Drive.

Obviously it will not be possible for you to hurl your opponents on the ground, but you should avoid it if possible. On the medium difficulty you will be quite messed up, if you are on the ground. To avoid this, there are some tips that we can give you to get up quickly:

- Press the upper or lower directional key as soon as you touch the ground after a rainfall. If the timing is right, roll right to the side and avoid a possible subsequent attack by the opponent.

- You can also press the directional key away from your opponent (left or right depending on the position) to make a roll backward and avoid it.

- If you press the directional key to the opponent on the impact, you kick the opponent. Attack is finally the best defense!