Tekken 7: How to get more Treasure Chests and Unlock Costumes

In Tekken 7, treasure chests are not the only way to obtain new outfits. However, there are special outfits, which you can only earn with chests. Such items include hairstyles, fashion accessories, hair jewelry, fashion, costumes and effects.

If you want to change the appearance of your fighters in the game, you can do this in character customization. There you can distribute the different costumes up to ten different slots. Take a look at all available costumes etc. and you will see that some of them are grayed out. These are the special items you can only unlock with chests.

You'll get money and chests easily when you use Treasure Mode. In this you are subjected to an infinite series of battles. Each battle will reward you with chests and money. In doing so, you can build a victory that will increase your profit over time. From ten victories, this will be the first time and will improve all ten battles. You get more chests and much more combat money.

However, you should be careful since you have to start from the front in a defeat. Your fighter can go up in rank with each combat, which can make your opponents more and more difficult. A tip: change the fighter from time to time so that the challenge does not become too difficult and you can further increase your victory. For example, start with a character that already has a high rank, and then gradually move to lower ranks.

Gain treasure chests will allow you to buy a lot of extra costumes and you can buy additional items for the money. In addition, the experience gained and all these reasons make the Treasure-Mode a safe way to get ahead in Tekken 7 fast.

In the Treasure-Mode you expect not only normal opponents, but also at certain intervals Special Matches. There is no fixed order, but we believe a high chance after every sixth or seventh fight. In these battles, you'll face enemies like Kazumi, Heihachi or Akumi. These battles are much more difficult, but you’ll get better rewards.

In addition, you can play duels with modifications. These mods can cause much more damage to be done or the speed increases. Very interesting, if you want to collect outfits and costumes: there is a modification, with which you can steal your opponent objects. This allows you to directly gain certain costumes without the chests. In addition, you can also get various chests as a reward depending on your position in online tournaments.