The Crew 2 Gameplay Impressions

The Crew 2 is the latest entry in the Ubisoft’s racing franchise. Developed by Ivory Tower, the game was unveiled at E3 2017 and is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2018.

This is not the first game to mix several different racing modes, The Crew 2 promises to be a pioneer in its technical aspect and smooth gamplay experience.

In the demo made available during E3 2017, it was possible to explore in depth the different types of racing present in the game, each of them equipped with controls and mechanics of their own that require a lot of skill from the player to be dominated.

The demo began with a quick traditional race, nothing more than a basic tutorial of the controls, which are pretty much identical to the first The Crew. Between drifts and nitros, the races are very reminiscent of the dynamics of the classic Burnout.

After the quick tutorial, The Crew 2 shows its claws and reveals its great trump: in a matter of seconds, the camera moves away and the player takes control of a jet ski. After the race in the water, it's time to get on the joystick of a small plane and try to get to your destination in time.

In the three main contexts, the effort devoted to the faithful reproduction of vehicle physics is notable. Just as the boats bounce and are pushed by the waves, airplanes need to adjust their body angle in mid-flight to align with the air resistance.

Already in the main hub, just a click of the player on the right analog directional to immediately switch between the three classes of vehicles. You have to be careful, as turning your plane into a car can cause the car to crash on rooftops.

The demo of The Crew 2 ended with an electrifying off-road circuit aboard a Buggy. Unsurprisingly, this vehicle circulates through the roads and more inhospitable ways of the game; Scenarios filled with trees and giant stones.

Thanks to the great design of the levels, it is challenging and fun to run at full speed trying to escape the natural obstacles. There are many alternative routes, which will probably encourage the community to fight for the best lap record while looking for hidden shortcuts.

As the game climate is always dynamic, major changes in weather can dramatically alter the terrain and performance of the cars, which generates even more variables for racing.

The lighting effects were fantastic in the demo and, if they are further polished up to the release, can make The Crew 2 one of the most beautiful games ever released.